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OCC opening new financial technology office

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The Chief finally got a clubhouse in San Francisco, but don’t call it a coworking space. The 8,600 square feet include meeting rooms, a one-person Zoom his room, open-plan seating, but also a bar, lounge seating, and — the Chief’s other clubhouses in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. As well as — there is also a piano.

“For me, what the piano stands for is, ‘This is not a coworking space,’” chief co-founder Lindsay Kaplan told me during a tour of the clubhouse ahead of its official opening on Thursday. “This is a place where you can sit and have a meeting very comfortably.”

Unlike The Wing, a women-focused co-working space and club that closed this summer after six years of operation, Kaplan and co-founder and CEO Carolyn Childers said the physical facilities We are still more interested in building and supporting the Chief’s network than in strengthening the .

As such, the Chief’s primary service, a hand-picked 10-member ‘core’ peer group, meets monthly with executive coaches and will continue to be held virtually.

“What we optimize most is finding the right and perfect 10 people to be with,” says Childers. “Even San Francisco could be someone out of town.”

Before the Chief expanded outside New York, the group still met in person, but applicants who said they wanted to join the space didn’t tend to fall off the waiting list. Yes, and spaces are like “containers that can happen on IRL,” Kaplan said.

This network is a closer model of the Young Presidents’ Organization. The Young Presidents Organization is her 72-year-old network of CEOs under the age of 45, helping each other through professional and personal challenges. Childers said YPO is all about its network and has no space of its own.

Kaplan and Childers also drew inspiration from the popular show’s longtime facilitator, Carol Robin. “Refreshing” course At Stanford University, “frankly, how do we create the right level of vulnerability that we need to reach to really get things done,” Childers said. [group] It really gets you to a place where you can talk about what’s really going on with you, both personally and professionally.

That said, the Clubhouse is also where members can host guests, hold board meetings, and of course participate in Zoom calls. San Francisco was also the most requested city by members not living in the Bay Area when the Chief was planning the next clubhouse. In other words, her chiefs in cities like Boston and her DC wanted clubhouses they could visit while in San Francisco.

Nonetheless, Childers and Kaplan try to emulate the Harvard Alumni Club more closely. Harvard’s alumni club has a clubhouse with “great amenities,” but most of the real benefits come from being part of a vast and powerful network, Kaplan said. . But with a mandate to change executive leadership, the female-centric atmosphere may feel friendlier — Kaplan said that other women would dress in the communal fitting rooms of old New York department stores. It reminded me of a camaraderie similar to trying on.Roman’s.

“It reminds me of this intimate space,” Kaplan said. “I’d try on something and go in front of the mirror and all the women around me would be like, ‘Honey, you look good,'” she said.

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