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PolyientX launches self-service NFT platform

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Next month, Web3 technology company PolyientX will launch a platform designed to help creators with no coding background or knowledge of NFT technology reward their customers. Rewards include not only NFTs, but other items of value such as merchandise, digital merchandise, and event passes through custom-branded interfaces.

We have plans to add more reward types and customization options following the platform release. PolyientX describes it as the first platform of its kind.

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How is it different from codeless NFT generators? Given the lack of code generators for NFTs, we asked Nick Casares, head of product at PolyientX, what makes this product different.

“Most no-code solutions focus on helping marketers launch NFTs, but the PolyientX platform allows marketers to add utility to already launched NFTs. Brands are creating NFTs designed to unlock utilities such as redeemable merchandise, access to events, exclusive discounts, etc. Adding these types of utilities is a no-brainer for most. It is outside the scope of code solutions and typically requires custom development.”

The platform was also designed to address three specific pain points, he said.

  1. Educate customers and consumers about NFT technology.
  2. We work with you to create a full-fledged NFT strategy.
  3. Acquire technology partners to execute your vision.

“NFTs are becoming more mainstream, but the technology is still immature,” said Casares. “A successful marketer takes time to educate himself and partner with the best technology providers to help clients deliver his NFT projects as his Web3 space grows. are spending.”

why you care. It seems like just yesterday that NFTs (along with Web3 and the Metaverse) were weird and wonderful. But the future is coming soon. Not only are we seeing imaginative adoption of his NFTs by marketers and expanding use cases. We already see opportunities for non-developers to create and customize his NFTs.

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