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Prometeo Chain System LLC Makes Strong Attempt to Introduce Blockchain Technology to Everyday Life with Suite of Chain Systems

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Prometeo Chain System LLCAn innovative blockchain technology company has developed a set of blockchain ecosystems that enable users to meet their everyday needs such as navigation, payment processing, cloud storage and proof of ownership. The technical team starts with the Prometeo-Iklaus chain system and gradually develops an innovative chain.

The Ikarus chain system essentially brings GPS technology to the blockchain. In fact, many blockchain enthusiasts have found that Ikarus is a viable alternative to GPS due to the state-of-the-art technology it is running on. In addition to enhancing GPS-like navigation, Ikarus is constantly directing users to new business opportunities across separate routes. The system utilizes blockchain technology to achieve this. Ikarus uses Low Frequency Wireless Technology (LoRa) to enable accurate time stamping. Ikarus is called a proof of navigation as far as practicality is concerned.

“We are creating a new technology, a Proof of Navigation that uses standard cryptographic navigation coordinates (CNC) for new locations to provide encrypted information about locations via smart contracts,” the company said. A spokeswoman said.

The Prometeo chain system is one of the blockchain systems of technology companies. Its function is to completely eradicate the effects of transaction overload through the infinite scalability of the chain. The system also reduces waste as far as hardware, raw materials and energy generation and use are concerned. The team calls this system a proof of unity in terms of its ultimate usefulness.

“Through our technology, we benefit the environment by reducing the amount of energy used for blockchain mining. (In some countries, we reduce the energy of mining farms and discourage the creation of new farms. Is planned), ”said a spokeswoman for the company.

Prometeo has a strong team of professors and researchers who are experts in the fields of finance, development, marketing and licensing. One of their team members is the respected deputy director of KazCosmos, the national space agency of Kazakhstan.

Prometheus also has its currency, PROM. However, we are currently bidding. “Prom It will be our blockchain coin. This coin is needed to pay all charges. Our blockchain, as if BTC is Bitcoin blockchain or ETH is Ethereum. It’s important to us, “said a brand spokeswoman.

Whatsapp: +7 7081628132

telegram: https://t.me/prometeochain

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