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Regulated Bank Anchorage Aims To Connect All Businesses To The Crypto Ecosystem With “Build With Anchorage” Service

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anchorage digitala federally chartered digital asset bank on a mission to connect all businesses to the emerging crypto ecosystem.Built in Anchorage” and API environments for institutional partners.

The new infrastructure will facilitate crypto payment gateways, financial instruments and market participation. These services are provided in a regulated environment. Anchorage says it is “quietly” building out its tech stack, working with a number of early partners. Anchorage believes that early traction points to future success that will eventually expand beyond the realm of traditional digital assets.

Build With Anchorage takes pages from embedded fintechs, or fintechs everywhere, crypto everywhere Services that support the entire product lifecycle.

By working with Anchorage, clients can design, test and compliantly bring their own bespoke cryptographic solutions to market.

Diogo MonicaCo-Founder and President of Anchorage Digital, he explained that Anchorage was launched five years ago due to institutional demand for secure and regulated digital asset services.

“Security is in our DNA and we have built that layer into all the use cases we are announcing today. You want to bring your products to your customers or use cryptocurrencies in new ways, and ‘Build With Anchorage’ enables them to take advantage of the crypto economy. They see what we see: every business becomes a crypto business. “

Anchorage highlights the diverse and large number of early partners leveraging Build with Anchorage, including fintechs, payments companies and banking cores.

These companies are:

  • angel list
  • series financial
  • tap engine digital
  • month mortgage
  • Plutus 21 Capital
  • Rialto Market
  • Prometheum
  • Oasis Pro Market
  • Maya,
  • aus digital
  • Rialto Market
  • more

AngelList, an online investment platform and tech job marketplace, recently partnered with Anchorage to benefit from the integration of the dollar-based stablecoin USDC (Circle).

Avrok KohliCEO of AngelList said:

sharinoonanThe CEO and co-founder of Rialto Markets, a broker-dealer powering securities crowdfunding, said Anchorage’s platform makes the trading experience faster and more efficient.

“…in a regulated environment that gives customers confidence. We are delighted to partner with them for their digital securities trading services.”

The use cases are largely consistent with traditional and emerging Fintech services looking to benefit from streamlined financial services and faster transfer of value.

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