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Relative of Hilma af Klint Condemns NFTs of Artist’s Paintings

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Over 160 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of the work of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint temple painting The series was published by digital art company Acute Art and Stolpe Publishing with the work of Pharrell Williams. GODA (Gallery of Digital Assets) The platform of the week, despite the strong objections of the artist’s relatives.

“Even if you don’t believe in spirits, everyone has spiritual beliefs and aspires to higher things in life,” says Hedvig Ersman, granddaughter of af Klint’s nephew Erik af Klint, of Hyperallergic said in an interview with “Hilma Af Klint’s paintings tell us about it…they are monetized, itemized and sold as NFTs. This is completely against Hilma Af Klint’s will. .”

GODA, Acute Art and Stolpe Publishing have not yet responded to Hyperallergic’s immediate request for comment.

Af Klint started working on her epic work temple painting Cycle in 1906. Not shy about using simple, fun shapes and colors, Clint was deeply impressed. affected A movement popular in the Western world at the turn of the century that integrated Spiritualism with Theosophy, philosophy, science, and South Asian religious traditions. Af Klint is temple painting A series — which she has been working on for almost a decade — to become part of her mystical practice. Given their esoteric nature, she claimed that they would not be seen for twenty years after her death.

NFT has 162 works for sale. The remaining 31 of his works in af Klint’s series have also been converted into his NFTs, but are kept “non-commercial” and remain with Stolpe Publishing. Ersman questioned why 31 of his NFTs were off the market, blaming individual sales.

“She saw all these paintings as part of one project. They were meant to be kept together,” Ersman told Hyperallergic. Now they’re using NFTs to commercialize it, using Hilma Af Klint’s name and reputation to subvert her message.”

Acute Art has collaborated with contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Marina Abramović and KAWS to create NFTs and work in virtual and augmented reality. Hilma Af Clint that’s all Non-contemporary artists listed on that website.

Three members of the Board of Directors of the Hilma Ahu Klint Foundation — the first Established Hilma’s nephew, Eric af Klint, inherited all Hilma’s works and notes in 1972 and heads Stolpe’s parent group, the Axon Johnson Foundation. Additional members of the Board of Directors are the directors of Acute Art. The NFT project has not been endorsed by the foundation, but the press announcing the sale, in his release, marketed it as a “digital extension” of af Klint’s catalog raisonné, published later this year.

Responding to Hyperallergic’s request for comment, Jessica Hoglund, CEO of the Hilma af Klint Foundation, said the foundation has not made any statements regarding the legality of the NFTs. af Clint’s work is in the public domain of her, she said. [a] A position to authorize or oppose the reproduction by third parties of Hilma af Klint’s work (regardless of whether such reproduction is a poster or an NFT). ”

Ersman said that even though the copyright on af Klint’s work has expired, anything related to the artist still retains moral rights.

The painting is “transcendental and sacred to Hilma. If you respect Hilma, you must respect Hilma.”

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