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RobotEra Metaverse Has Virtual Reality Functionality Coming Soon – How to Buy?

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RobotEra is a hot new crypto presale project that just launched in mid-November and is already making waves in the space.

The GameFi project is already close to investing $100,000 in its native token TARO, exciting investors as it will provide players with more revenue streams through the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism and metaverse land building. increase.

After nearly 12 months of building and developing an ecosystem, the project is also on the verge of releasing virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) capabilities. The game mode is scheduled for his first half of 2022.

What is the Robo Era?

RobotEra is a new crypto presale project that we called one of them. best crypto to buy now Because it gives players different ways to earn income from the ecosystem.

Players use the robot NFT to rebuild the destroyed planet Taro after a cataclysm. This is done by purchasing and building virtual parcels of land in the Metaverse.

Land can not only be used to find minerals and resources, players are free to build infrastructure and buildings on the land and monetize it in various ways.

In Metaverse Land, players can add structures such as museums, concert halls, community hubs, homes, and swimming pools.

You can earn income by claiming admission to events, but rewards are also shared by participating in other events. Sell ​​resources, sell advertising space to advertisers, or sell land plots themselves when they increase in value.

The player needs a robot companion to help rebuild Taro. They are fully upgradable and customizable and can be stored and used or sold on the open market as NFTs.

No coding knowledge is required to play the game. RobotEra features custom tools that allow you to add dynamic 3D scenes, sounds, user interaction and physics all to your land.

In fact, the founders hope that new revenue streams will emerge over time, as players will be able to make the land their own with almost no limits on what they can build.

Passive income can also be generated by staking TARO, which is also used for governance and voting in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

RobotEra presale information

RobotEra, an LBanks Lab project, has just launched TARO token at $0.02. best crypto presales 2022.

However, the price of TARO will increase in 3 stages during the presale. Up to $0.025 for Stage 2 and $0.032 for Stage 3.

This represents a 60% increase from stage 1 to 3, where a $100 investment returns 5,000 TARO tokens, while stage 3 only buys 3,125.

This project is from the doxxed group KYC verified by CoinSniper and the token (ERC-20 token built on Ethereum) is lag proof after its contract has been audited by SharkTeam.

The pre-sale will only show 270 million (15%) of the total supply of 1.8 billion to be sold during the pre-sale period and there is no vesting period for pre-sale tokens. The presale hard cap is $6.93 million.

The majority of supply is for Treasury/DAO (33%) and P2E reward pools (25%), with the remaining supply split between teams (10%, 12 month lock, then linear over 20 months released automatically). ECO Funds (9%), Liquidity (3%), and Advisors (3%, 12 months lock, then linear release over 20 months). The final 2% are reserved for centralized exchange LBank, an early investor in the project (5% unlocked and 5% released each month).

How to purchase RobotEra during the presale

To purchase TARO during the presale, please follow these simple steps: Guide on how to buy RobotEra tokens.

Step 1: Create a Crypto Wallet

Investors will first need to download and sign up for a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Both are free, secure, easy to use, and feature multi-chain support.

Step 2: Get USDT or ETH

Investors cannot buy TARO directly with fiat currency, so they must first hold ETH or USDT in their cryptocurrency wallet.

ETH can be purchased directly on both MetaMask and Trust Wallet, but can be transferred from any exchange or broker.

The minimum transaction amount is 1,000 TARO, so investors need a minimum of $20 worth in their wallet.

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to RobotEra Presale Dashboard

Then change your wallet to RobotEra Presale Platform Just click “Connect Wallet” on the website.

A new window will appear asking the investor to enter their login details.

Step 4 – Buy TARO Tokens

Once your wallet is loaded with tokens and connected, select the correct option (“Buy TARO with ETH” or “Buy TARO with USDT”) and follow the on-screen instructions.

The minimum purchase is 1,000 TARO tokens, and at the time of writing, RobotEra is in Stage 1 of its presale, with tokens priced at $0.02 each.

Therefore, the minimum investment amount is $20, but a small Ethereum transaction (gas) fee applies and the price of the token increases as the presale progresses.

Step 5 – Claim your TARO tokens

Once RobotEra’s pre-sale quota is sold out, investors can add TARO tokens to their wallets.

Until then, TARO will be stored on the RobotEra website.

To claim, the investor should return to the RobotEra dashboard after the presale and[請求]Click and follow the on-screen instructions.

Access the RobotEra Presale Now

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