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Salesforce To Integrate With TikTok And New NFT Platform

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Salesforce, a cloud-based software company We specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)plans to offer new features such as NFT Cloud and social media platform TikTok.

A new non-fungible token marketplace, Salesforce NFT Cloud, allows users to create, manage, and sell NFTs in a no-code platform.

Also, in a pilot that started in July and released in September, Commerce Cloud users You can now sell on TikTok By actively switching your site as an available sales channel within Commerce Cloud’s social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat. , which also introduces platform-related features.

“We make it easy for merchants to join our channels across all social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. [and create] We deliver relevant offers to our customers through automated feeds and curation,” said Scott Gillespie, executive vice president and general manager, Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

To support sustainability, Salesforce NFT Cloud only supports transactions on the more energy efficient blockchain. This was after a group letter signed by 400 Salesforce employees raised concerns about security, the unregulated nature of the concept, and potentially unsustainable by-products of its mass usage.Currently, the energy of unsustainable blockchain platforms like Ethereum

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John Hughes, NFT technology consultant and CEO of NearMintNFT, said: [but] If there is a legitimate response to allay their fears, people will respond. “

“Every artist I’ve approached has said the same thing to me: ‘Oh, these are rip-offs. bad for the environment.'”

“When companies prove themselves to be ethical NFT brokers with security and sustainability in mind, and work with their marketing staff to make a team effort, they can be successful in NFT programs,” Hughes said. said.

Speaking of new additions to the Salesforce structure, Matt Meyers, who has worked in the ecosystem for 15 years, runs cybersecurity company Adaptus, owner of EzProtect, which extends the capabilities of Salesforce and other SaaS platforms. Holds the highest certifications. Certified Technical His Architect said: I’ve seen a lot. “

Security and trust are core values ​​at Salesforce, so we’ve always focused on ensuring our customers’ information is protected.With the new additions being piloted, TikTok and NFT Cloud, I think it will of course be overall positive and allow for a stream of new features. I think it’s tricky when it comes to security, but that’s one area where vulnerabilities can exist, and it’s important that Salesforce takes that into consideration during the pilot. ”

“Coming from a less affluent middle-class family, it is very infuriating to see people lose a lot of money on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, sometimes people’s retirement savings and savings.” Federal Trade Commissioner The association recently showed this in a detailed report: Cybersecurity in cryptocurrencies is a top priority and I am also working in this area,” he said.

Through his company, Meyers has also written a short-form book on Salesforce security that helps educate companies on how to avoid data breaches on Salesforce public sites and communities. He has also started an Instagram channel to help people on their journey to grow their careers.

Meyers adds: I continued to work my way up until I finally reached his level of director and led his architect for all his Salesforce programs in the public sector. It was a moment when I felt that I wanted more. I decided that I wanted to run my own company more independently. “

“So I left Salesforce, got into a relationship with one of Salesforce’s largest consulting firms, and started working independently for them while partnering with someone to grow my own company.”

He continues: I saw their struggles and was determined to help them succeed and taught them the way I wanted them to be taught. “

“Even as I grew my own company, I still wanted to help others on their journey. I realized, because that’s the best way to connect with people.”

Meyers argued that Salesforce will continue to introduce new (perhaps mind-boggling) features, but it’s important that the company stays at the forefront of technology and user experience. The world’s most popular SaaS platform.

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