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Santigold Launches NFT Fan Club Amid Touring Break – Billboard

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Santigold launched a new community fan club powered by Web3 to connect directly with fans and offer exclusive content and experiences.that is tour canceled In September, she told fans, “I’ve tried and seen what I need from every angle, and I just don’t have it.”

Due to the difficult touring situation, many artists are looking for alternatives on Web3. Digital communities, unlocked through NFT access, are becoming increasingly popular among musicians looking for a deeper connection with their fans.

“We are excited about Web3 as an opportunity for artists to interact with audiences in a more honest, intimate and creative way while exploring new art media and technologies,” says Santigold. We also look forward to using this space to innovate how we control the release of our art on our own terms. ”

After claiming a free NFT pass, fans will have access to a hub of exclusive content, including a sneak peek of Santigold’s upcoming music videos. Fans can also post questions and vote on product designs on her new podcast.

Santigold’s ‘fan club’ is run by Web3 technology company medallion I already host a personalized fan club Tycho, Cigar Ross When dense forestThe technology is customizable so it can be integrated into an artist’s existing website and aesthetic. The fan onboarding process is free and seamless. This is an example of Web 2.5, where complex cryptography is disguised in a simple and familiar interface.

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British band Jungle launched the Medallion Fan Club in September and have already used it to launch a hyper-localized campaign to support their touring efforts. For example, the band onboarded her 500 local fans in Mexico City before headlining shows. “The Jungle Fan Club has allowed us to connect directly with our fans in a digital space that is communal, interactive and collaborative,” says Jungle. “Medallion technology has built solutions to ideas we’ve had for years, but never had the tools to make them practical.”

Since launch, Medallion has brought 20,000 users into the communities of Tycho, Sigur Ros and Jungle. 95% of them had never touched crypto before. Web3 Fans Within 24 hours of launching his club, Tycho has tripled the number of fans in his Discord community.

“Medallion technology is built with the sole purpose of helping artists create more meaningful connections with their fans both on and off the road,” said Derek Davis, president of Medallion. increase. “And the difficulties facing touring artists since the onset of the pandemic have made the immense importance of community in the digital space clearer than ever.”

Web3 fan clubs are not a new phenomenon. Steve Aoki will launch Aokiverse in 2021, offering fans token-gate access to VIP tickets and free NFT airdrops.hard rock band avenged sevenfold launched the Deathbats Club to give fans unlimited meet and greet access for life.On the other hand, alternative rock Portugal.the man Launched Web3 fan club with its own social token $PTM.

However, this trend is accelerating, especially as new platforms are being developed to create simple custom experiences. The harsh realities of touring in a post-COVID world, combined with the pressure to create ‘content’ for large audiences on social media, could become an increasingly important way for digital communities to engage with their superfans. It means that there is

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