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Sattva Block Co. Moves Toward Rapid Expansion with the Launch of Two New Crypto-Mining Sites

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Houston, Texas, USA, October 27, 2022 /EIN Presswire.com/ – today, Satva Block Co., Ltd., a high-performance crypto hosting and mining service that utilizes best-in-class water cooling technology, has announced the deployment of multiple new mining sites, including two additional domestic sites in the United States and one in Canada. These state-of-the-art mining sites, scheduled to be rolled out from Q4 2022 to 2023, will offer top-notch hosting services and leverage liquid cooling technology to increase hash rates, efficiency and environmental sustainability. performance, and the overall performance of mining operations. .

“Bringing these new sites online means the world to me. ,” said Maciek Pankowski, Founder and CEO of Sattva. “Sattva brings industrial experience and scalability to what is still a cottage industry as we look to the next 30 years.”

Sattva has enjoyed a bullish growth trajectory and has taken advantage of exponential growth from its initial investment to double its global mining operations. As a security precaution, Sattva Block Co. does not disclose the exact locations of its new and existing sites, but the opening of additional locations is a more widespread move amid the latest crypto winter. A strong signal to the cryptocurrency community. Sattva believes liquid cooling is the logical next step for the cryptocurrency mining industry.

“Liquid cooling represents a new standard of efficiency in all aspects. It is more sustainable and generates more bitcoin for our clients which is really exciting for us. Thanks to our technology, we are able to generate these benefits for our customers.”

Sattva Block Co. is also proud to be a leader in sustainable energy within the cryptocurrency sector, leveraging liquid cooling for energy recovery wherever possible.

“At Sattva, we strive to be clean and pure in all we do. Our heat recovery process allows us to make a significant impact on both our communities and the environment. Our partners use the heat recovered from their facilities to grow fruits and vegetables for local markets, and all our locations are heated by our system, effectively making them carbon neutral. Approximately 85-90% of mining operations do not recover heat and are responsible for large amounts of emissions, so we aim to lead this front as cryptocurrencies enter the next phase of global adoption. I have.”

About Sattva
Sattva is a strategic operator of the blockchain ecosystem, leveraging the latest advances in cutting-edge technology to deliver superior value to cryptocurrency clients. We symbolize harmony, balance and enlightenment. Our values ​​extend beyond all market boundaries, beyond our business and into the very fabric of who we are.

Our approach is focused on promoting the world of freedom that Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and cryptocurrencies offer in serving users around the world.

For more information, see: https://www.sattvablock.co.

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