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Soda Partners with MetaPandaClub for Enhanced NFT Project &

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SINGAPORE, October 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — soda extension by Sonet meta panda club (MPC) and XvsX Sport (XvsX) Home (xvsxsports.com) Enhance community participation X vs. X Sports LeagueMPC via XvsX will help create a utility for the league’s fans and athletes to access Web3 through various global community initiatives.

By partnering with Soda Extension, MPC and XvsX will leverage extensions that enable Web3 marketing applications, governance proposal creation, and direct voting on existing social media such as Twitter to drive future community engagement and member engagement. and contributor decision-making can begin.

With Soda, MPC owners will be able to cast their votes directly on Twitter, simply by syncing their Metamask wallets to Soda on Twitter. Soda’s product features enable community voting functionality in an easy way, allowing Web3 organizations such as MPC and XvsX to bridge his Web2 users to enhance community participation.

MPC and XvsX will also benefit from the NFT and DAO advisory services provided by the Soda team regarding community governance, structuring and community engagement. To bridge these Web2 user bases, Soda’s discoverability features, such as sharing his NFTs and suggestions to non-followers, can be used to deploy marketing growth strategies.

The Soda Extension by Sonet is committed to supporting NFT projects and DAOs and revitalizing the community. The Soda team looks forward to supporting MPC and XvsX in their mission to bring basketball fans around the world into his Web3 and make the next future of Web3 more inclusive for all communities. increase.

About MPC

Started by world-famous Metta World Peace and other NBA players, Meta Panda Club aims to bring together professional players, basketball teams, leagues and fans to build the world’s largest basketball community. Starting with the Genesis drop of 10,000 Meta Panda NFTs, MPC strives to bring fans and players closer than ever in the web3 era. Like basketball games, MPC is also rooted in the physical world, and this drop, along with all his NFT drops going forward, will combine both virtual and physical elements.

About Sonnet

Sonet focuses on solving Web3 communication problems by creating bridges for Web3 networks and connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. His existing Web2 applications such as popular social networks and future apps are created using the SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator allows end users to interact with her Web2 using her Web3 infrastructure services.

media contact

Company Name: Sonnet

Website: https://sonet.one/

Contact person: Hans Shi

Email: hans@sonet.one

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