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Sony has shown interest in the gaming NFT field

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It won’t be long before all businesses revolve around NFTs and the cryptocurrency market. At first, many thought that cryptocurrencies were short-lived and had no future, but over time it has developed into something that no company, large or small, can avoid. . With the advent of NFTs, they are more popular than ever.

More and more companies are showing interest in it and investing in NFTs to get more benefits and profits. Recently, global entertainment giant Sony has expressed interest. NFTs Game in patent.patent uses blockchain technology (NFT) to track digital assets in video games. The company will apply for a patent in 2021 and will go public in November 2022.

A little bit about Sony and NFTs

Sony is a Japanese multinational sports company known for its PlayStation games. However, NFT stands for Non-fungible Token and is used as proof of content for many things including artwork, music, memorabilia, and video game items.

What does the patent contain?

The patent reveals that the company’s aim is to use blockchain technology to track in-game assets. The patent is known as Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Decentralized Tokens. ledgerAdditionally, a diagram has been shared showing the roadmap that tracks the ownership, appearance, or metadata of digital assets.

“Changes to properties of digital assets such as ownership, appearance, and metadata can be identified in requests to update history,” Sony further writes. “New blocks can be generated and added to a distributed ledger that identifies changes to the history of a digital asset.” Additionally, the patent covers everything from moments of gameplay to in-game items and characters to digital assets. Revealed that assets can be tracked.

Non-fungible token games can track history from player to player, and Sony hopes for similar technology to track history from player to player. In its patent, Sony wrote, “There is no way to distinguish a particular instance of an in-game item used by a famous video game player to win a famous tournament from other instances of the in-game item.” I’m here.

The patent says that most people find it very “meaningful” to own an item related to their favorite person or celebrity, so Sony decided to create a unique item that is somehow related to a famous person or celebrity. I am adding that I am trying to use the item.

Sony’s other projects

Sony is one of the few companies that has consistently shown interest in non-fungible token games. This is not the first time Sony has shown plans to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology into games.In May 2022, Sony and Theta Labs unveiled his collection of 3D NFTs to great success. It was a limited edition of NFT and was only available on the Spatial Reality Display, a Sony tablet-style device.

NFT gaming

NFT games are so popular that anyone coming into the cryptocurrency industry will eventually become interested. The future has so much potential that it could belong in NFT games.There are dozens of different non-fungible token games. Also known as his NFT game on top according to CoinGecko. games to play and earnincluding Axie Infinity, alien world, STEPNand sandbox.

Sony shows interest in the game's NFT Field 2

final thoughts

Although the crypto market has been in decline since last year, there is still potential in the crypto industry and giants like Sony are always showing interest. In such a gloomy and dark market, this is a very positive and effective sign for the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

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