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Square Enix 2022 Report: Blockchain Gaming Is A “Most Important Focus”

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of annual report Announced today by Square Enix to shareholders, President Yosuke Matsuda has a lot to say about blockchain gaming. previously expressed interest It used to be gaming technology, but now it’s “the most important focus” of the company’s investment areas.

The Future Business Strategy section concludes with a discussion of blockchain gaming and its role in the future of Square Enix. As an area of ​​investment, Matsuda said, “Blockchain domains have been positioned as the most important focus,” and called blockchain gaming “decentralized gaming.” He justifies the pursuit of technology that has the potential to “create new types of games that no one has ever seen before.”

He acknowledges that “some people are skeptical of the very concept of blockchain games,” but that “blockchain games have the potential to create new forms of game content, and we We believe the group represents a new business domain worth working on alongside traditional gaming.” Square Enix has yet to fully dive into blockchain gaming, but this update is an indication that it will eventually do so. I will reconfirm that I will come.

Cloud Strife figure with NFT when purchased
Square Enix uses blockchain technology for the “Digital Plus Edition” figures that accompany NFT models.

Despite their determination to make blockchain gaming the next big thing, Square Enix is ​​heading into dangerous waters. Blockchain systems rely heavily on other systems for their value and could explode like Bitcoin, Crash like an NFTThe technology certainly has the potential to create games that are ‘like no one has ever seen’, but whether they will engage audiences is another matter altogether.

Blockchain games are just one part of Square Enix’s changing business interests.As shared in another article, in its annual report, Square Enix Aging domestic market And to globalization. If Square Enix were focused on making the usual quality games, they would actually sell very well. Today’s new sales breakdown indicate.

What do you think of this earnings call? Want to try Square Enix’s blockchain game? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for gaming news on GameLuster.

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