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Square Enix wants to make “global hit titles” and believes blockchain will “play a key part in future growth”

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In a financial report confirming that Square Enix has “set a new record for full-year net sales,” the Japanese company says it wants to “strengthen.” [its] A global market presence, given the “aging demographic” to develop games primarily for the Japanese market.

in the statementSquare Enix said it was “important to” [its] the business [it] We will create hit titles that speak to the global market.”

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“In order for our group to focus more on developing titles for the global market in this changing environment, we need to focus our limited resources on developing strong and robust titles.

“As we need to revamp our portfolio of titles and studios, we need to quickly establish an organizational structure that allows us to consistently deploy high-quality content generated through selective and focused resource allocation. You need to increase your presence.

“Achieving significant growth in the gaming industry is currently difficult, primarily for companies competing in the Japanese market, given the aging demographic. It’s important to create hit titles that speak to a global market that offers greater scale in the market.” NME).

“In other words, in order to recover the development investment and achieve a profitable level, the Japanese market alone is not enough, and we need to work on the premise that we need to succeed in the global market.”

President Yosuke Matsuda added, “Blockchain entertainment [SE’s] future growth strategy,” adding that the company has “identified AI, cloud, and blockchain as key investment areas.”

Just a few weeks after confirming that it was Western studios and IP sold to Embracer Group $300 million, Square Enix Reveals Plans to ‘Establish New Studios’ and Acquire Others.

The news came as part of the company’s recent financial presentation, which said one of Square Enix’s “mid-term business strategy” initiatives was to “strengthen its game development capabilities by establishing new studios and [mergers and acquisitions]Such”

The company explained that “the purpose of selling selected overseas studios and IP”, that is, the reason for selling the three western studios was “to achieve sustainable growth through selection and concentration of corporate sources, and to expand overseas publishing functions.” to better adjust,” he said. We will have an organization in Tokyo and transform the group’s business portfolio.”

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