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Super Soldiers announces the release of its newest NFT collection – CryptoMode

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Sydney, Australia – November 15, 2022 – Super Soldiers today announced the upcoming release of mysterious boxes called “Super Crates”.

Each crate contains unspecified items such as brand new firearms and gun skins. As the contents of the Super Crate can be applied in combination with each current Super Soldier NFT, the SS3D team implemented a feature on his website that allows owners to exchange their original weapon for a brand new weapon taken from a Super. To do. crate. This is expanded following Mint.

Super Soldier clothing is manufactured and sourced by the Super Soldiers team. The team plans to add a profile picture maker to the site after the collection goes live. SS3D NFT owners have access to high resolution versions of their images.

Super Soldiers 3D not only offers exclusive perks to its holders, it is also one of the few Solana NFT projects that allows holders to customize their soldiers’ weaponry. SS3D is also looking to innovate in the web3 space by developing new technologies such as voting systems that use blockchain.

Shooter franchises have been a big part of our lives growing up.Co-founder Milo says. super soldier 3d.And with the recent surge of excitement surrounding the world of NFTs, we thought we should join in and share some of our stories. , wanted to create a collection based on the familiar and beloved feeling of collecting rare and stylish skins for in-game characters.

Mint details have yet to be revealed. An announcement will be made in a clear manner on the website, Discord, and social media platforms prior to casting. To keep everyone safe, the team asks you to only click links from our website, Discord, and social media.

About Super Soldier

Supersoldiers are a group of brave warriors banded together to end high gas prices. He has over 55,000 followers on social media.their participation discord The server gives users access to exclusive perks and rewards from creators.

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