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Sustainable Crypto IMPT Raises $12 Million for Carbon Credits Revolution

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Impact projects focus on improving conditions. carbon creditThis encourages individuals to shop with companies that are socially responsible and sustainable, so that companies act in a socially responsible manner when they want consumers to buy their products. You are encouraged to do so.

Blockchain carbon credits are more sustainable and transparent

The current way of managing carbon credits is completely outdated. trading system It takes place almost exclusively between companies rather than between individuals.

Carbon credits are issued by states to force companies to reduce their carbon emissions or to make it economically impossible for companies to continue to pollute.

The current system by which carbon credits are traded is highly outdated and its lack of efficiency is unsustainable. By putting carbon credits on-chain, he can trade 24/7 with anyone with an internet connection, making the whole process transparent.

Tap into the burgeoning ESG industry

The trend of investing in ESG companies has been one of the most prominent over the last few years.Companies around the world are committed to environmental, social and [corporate] governance.

This trend is not expected to abate anytime soon, and the industry as a whole is expected to overgrow. $30 trillion by 2030According to Broadridge Financial Solutions,

Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world, generated a significant portion of his fortune from selling carbon credits. In the few quarters in which Tesla has actually become a profitable company, this was almost exclusively thanks to the fact that: The company was able to sell its surplus carbon credits (which weren’t as polluting as their competitors and didn’t need to be redeemed).

IMPT hopes to capitalize on this booming industry over the next few years and has been very successful so far.

Presale now raises $12 million

IMPT Presale has been very successful so far, going from strength to strength, and has now raised over $12 million with the goal of changing the carbon credit market for the better.

Those wishing to participate in the pre-sale can do so on the IMPT website, which is currently live. The presale is being implemented in stages. This means that anyone who participated in the presale at a previous level will

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