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Sustainable Crypto Theme Grows in Importance as Carbon Offset Coin IMPT Reaps the Presale Rewards – How to Buy

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The topic of sustainable investing in the cryptocurrency world is hotly debated, whether it’s the long-term sustainability of Bitcoin’s security due to declining block rewards or Ethereum’s ability to resist corporate capture. This is a topic.

But using blockchain to make consumer spending more sustainable, On-chain carbon credits Incentivize users to shop with companies with high ESG scores.

Carbon offsets continue to grow in importance

The importance of carbon offsetting has been in the public eye for quite some time, but it has become much more important in the last decade.

There are a number of initiatives and programs that have been adopted, such as the UK Government’s ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, which have been adopted to encourage individuals to reduce their working hours. Impact of carbon emissions.

However, most of these schemes have not gained momentum as few projects have found a way to adequately motivate users to change their habits.

The Impact Project encourages responsible shopping

Impact Project wants to change this by using native IMPT tokens to offer shopping platform users IMPT tokens as cashback rewards.

When you shop through the IMPT platform, you are eligible to get back a percentage of your spend on IMPT.

Unlike many ESG investments of the past few years, which have focused directly on changing corporate behavior in order to make it easier for companies to attract capital, IMPT focuses on changing individual attitudes. It is a project centered on , rewards companies that aim to achieve high His ESG scores.

IMPT Pre-Sale Now On

IMPT Presale has been live for two weeks, has gone from strength to strength in the meantime, and has now raised over $11 million in funding.

The IMPT Pre-Sale is being conducted in different stages to reward early investors, so those who joined the pre-sale early will be able to: Get tokens at a discount compared to those who join later.

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IMPT – 100x presale potential

IMPT token
  • Carbon Offset Crypto & NFT Project
  • Holders affect the environment
  • Industry Partnerships, Public Teams
  • Stage 1 Presale Live
IMPT token

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