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Sweet Clash is an NFT Game from M3 Where You Can Earn Money

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M3 Games – an innovative new network of web3 games – recently released Sweet Clash, an exciting real-time strategy (RTS) game.

Cross-game transfer of game assets as NFTs and play and earn (P2E) games. The network offers the first freemium HTML5 NFT game.

Sweet Clash was the first game to be activated on the M3 platform. It integrates traditional games, metaverse technology, and cryptocurrencies in a mutually beneficial way for both developers and players who can earn money from their games in several exciting ways. Hence the name Play to Earn.

Play to Earn is a groundbreaking new gaming paradigm popularized by blockchain technology that allows gamers not only to achieve objectives or beat their opponents (Play to Win), but also for financial gain. Invest your time in the game because you too. Through this feature, Sweet Clash promotes a decentralized inclusive economy through this feature.

irreplaceable Tokens (NFTs) are at the heart of Sweet Clash games and the M3 network. This technology will enable people to own marketable digital assets.

In the Sweet Clash game, assets such as characters and tools are NFTs that can be generated, upgraded, traded, and transferred via the M3 Gaming Network.

There are a number of P2E platforms out there today (e.g. Axie Infinity, Vulcan Forge, Vulcan Verse, etc.), but M3 Games sets itself apart by the wide range of P2E features it supports.

Sweet Clash consolidates and extends these advantages through extensive NFT transaction support.

Similar to Clash Royale, but set in a sweet universe, Sweet Clash is a real-time one-on-one tower defense battle game. Tokens, cards, and NFTs are his one of the game collectibles that a player fights while playing.

The freemium version of the game allows new players to start by playing to earn game cards that can later be converted into NFTs for a fee. Players will have access to the NFT version of her and can pay to enter the tournament once enough of her NFTs have been accumulated.

M3 Gaming Network enhances your gaming experience. Using this network, Sweet Clash will be connected to the soon-to-be-released game Gods of Gods, which follows the mystical world of mythical gods.

This enables the NFT transfer feature between games, allowing for fun gameplay experiences like Sweet Clash vs. God of Gods.

Join that M3 discord Play Sweet Clash and Casting is scheduled for October 31st.

Sweet Clash P2E Token

  1. Meta Golden Rabbit (MGR) Accumulated from games in the freemium version. Their value is always increasing and they generate passive income.
  2. M3 token Purchase to access the game’s NFT features.

Need exciting gameplay?

In the Sweet Clash Tower Defense game, each player enters the arena with a deck of 8 cards pre-selected from a list of 24 characters and 6 spells.

Then join the battle with cards carefully placed on both sides of the battlefield to quickly destroy each other’s towers. It’s primarily a player-versus-player (PVP) game, but also offers bots for those who can’t find an opponent (PVE).

Further exploring the Sweet Clash system, gameplay is affected by several other features detailed below.

freemium version

Players compete to collect game tokens and cards in the Freemium Edition. Freemium cards can be converted into genuine his NFTs for a fee, depending on the rarity of the card.

Freemium games are played by players to develop their NFTs and skill sets. All cards from Common to Mythic will be available for all players to collect. Unique cards are offered only during NFT versions or random events.

NFT version

Players must have at least 8 cards to play in the NFT version of the game. However, the Application Package Interface (API) is equivalent to the freemium version.

Players can purchase NFT edition M3 chips for 1 euro per M3. Depending on your player status, you can also access different game modes such as Random Duels, Daily Tournaments, and Pro Mode.

In Pro mode, players can take on a character of their choice, see how much time is left before they can face off against a specific opponent, and receive advice on how to replay, shadowban, or unban people. .

Players with the NFT version can also receive additional tournaments and rent the NFT version to other players to split the money they win in the tournament.

ladder system

The first ladder is where new players start, there are 10 ladders in all. For gamers, there is no access to higher ladder players. So the aim is to keep the current ladder and try to climb to the top. At the top of each league, there are plenty of prizes to be won.

Diablo style world system

Twenty-one worlds must be completed to obtain a set of spells with common rarities for all characters. Each conquered planet makes the challenge harder. If the record is broken, the player wins the jackpot. The jackpot increases with each day the record is not broken.

Why You Should Play Sweet Clash?

  • A fun Web3-based RTS game.
  • Earn money while enjoying the game.
  • Generate and own tradable NFTs.
  • Play a variety of games with custom NFTs.
  • Participate in esports by participating in in-game tournaments

The game also has special features that improve gameplay, such as tower management and character evolution. Watch the Sweet Clash trailer here.

Play Sweet Clash now Sweetclash.io.


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