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Tezos NFTs keep the pace for the fourth quarter running as XTZ…

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  • Tezos NFT traders keep blockchain digital collectibles at all-time highs by volume
  • XTZ prices have not been impressive lately, but could remain excellent for the broader market recovery.

Tezos [XZT] NFTs continue to perform well despite the overall digital collectibles market downturn.according to Messarithe third quarter (Q3) of 2022 was the sixth straight quarter that Tezos put on a great show.

In fact, NFT traders using the Tezoz blockchain have recorded a record sales volume of over 80,000 during the period. Additionally, another interesting fact is that this surge in trading volume required less trader activity.

Source: Messari

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However, recent trends exhibited by Tezos reflect declining interest in non-fungible assets via blockchain. At the time of writing, his total NFT trading volume was $151,000.

This value was monumental Descent From its all-time high on Sept. 29, when the volume reached $5.64 million. This means that his XTZ, which is trading at $0.948, may not match its performance over the past six quarters.

Tezos NFT volume on-chain

Source: Santimento

What is the price of XTZ?

Tezos maintained quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) NFT growth, but XTZ prices did not stay the same.according to coin market capitalization, the XTZ value decreased by 15.65% over the last 30 days. More recently, it hasn’t improved in the last 24 hours following the overall market decline.

The XTZ/USD 4-hour chart shows little recovery in the short term. This inference was due to the position displayed by the moving average convergence divergence (MACD). moreover, At the time of this writing, the momentum for both buyers (blue) and sellers (orange) is below the zero histogram point.

Moreover, sellers seemed to have more control than buyers. Therefore, XTZ may lose more of its current value as it reflects the bearish momentum. Additionally, the Awesome Oscillator (AO) showed a similar state at 0.024. AO was also below the zero point, which implied a bearish edge for XTZ.

Tezos (XTZ) Price Movement

Source: Trading View

Confident and Fearless

Despite the ongoing price drop, XTZ investors seem to remain positive. This was demonstrated by the sentiment displayed by the community. According to Santiment, XTZ’s positive sentiment is surpassed Negative at a ratio of 2.125 to 1.875.

Therefore, this means that investor perceptions are optimistic about XTZ. This status is also reflected in social advantage, which jumped to 0.298%. This position meant that Tezos formed a significant portion of discussion and search volume.

Therefore, regardless of price, XTZ may have a high potential for large accumulations.

Tezos Positive and Negative Emotions

Source: Santimento

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