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The End of the Hidden Crypto Business Era

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First, it’s a maxi. This means that I am a deep believer in cryptocurrencies and believe that they will change the world for the better. But all significant change begins with drama, whether it’s the French Revolution, the American Civil War, or the financial crisis. Ultimately, everything will be fine. Our mission is to do everything we can to rectify the current scenario for the public good and to get through the dark times while pursuing this happy ending.

We’ve been working in crypto since 2017, providing professional services in the strategy and marketing niche.We’ve been through all of crypto’s ups and downs. Given his long history of working on over 80 projects, including on several major exchanges, we believe his FTX show last week will have the most significant impact on the industry since Ethereum’s launch. .

And that’s why it’s good.

The crypto space began writing novels with “anonymity” or “privacy” as the main point. I was always skeptical of that story during my CEX days. Once you submit even one transaction to a service that has passed KYC, your anonymity is gone. Even if you’re anonymous enough and didn’t go through the KYC process, you can still complete a payment to another person who may have been inattentive. At that point, just because you connected with an anonymized agent, you quickly lose your “privacy”, even if you’ve done everything to avoid that risk.

What if not anonymous?

The main point of crypto is not privacy. In current irony, crypto is about extreme transparency.

Yes, you can enjoy some degree of privacy and all the associated perks even when trading as an individual. Crypto was built on the core principles of TRUST. This is a very meaningful abstraction in the crypto space. Based on trust he can become a millionaire in a day (like the Aptos & Sue storyline). And if you lose trust, you can lose everything down to zero in a day (like the SBF drama). No other industry in the world is so thorough with this principle.

The only way to build trust is complete transparency and openness

It’s hard to be an open person or business in this world. You constantly feel like you can be trapped and attacked just because you are transparent. Complex from a psychological point of view, but challenging from a corporate traditional point of view. You will always take that risk.

But is there another way to change legacy? My answer is no.

There is no other way to be honest than to be honest. There is no substitute for transparency other than sharing everything. There must be a skeleton in your closet. Not because the law required all these conditions. Not because there is no option to avoid it. Because we are all responsible for this chance to change everything.

And I mean everything.

I have worked in the B2B and marketing field for the past 15 years. I have a good understanding of how business works. I’m not blind Every business or entrepreneur has an ugly part of their story. No business book will tell you about it (except for ex-wife stories). Marketing and PR can do a lot to fix it. And everyone always has the chance to change. Changing the business culture of crypto means much more than it used to. And it has already started this week, not for the money, but mainly for the people in the crypto space.

The real impact comes from enthusiasts, not moneymakers or VCs. I expect some top exchanges to drop before the end of the year. A lot of things crash when you do that, but why is that good? It gives us a chance to transform. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But we can’t miss it.

Don’t think about regulators, don’t think about risks. Let us build a culture of total transparency and openness that will shake the world.

CZ’s initiative with proof of reserve is a good start. But that’s not enough. Willing to adhere to the same principles of transparency as publicly traded companies, but without any regulatory requirements, will have a major impact on the crypto world, skyrocketing trust, fixing its reputation, and a real door to adoption. provide.

As for us, we are not an on-chain related business, we are small compared to the current cryptostars, but we are preparing a consolidated annual report and we are looking forward to the culture so far and the next to the world. I am taking steps. Dream.

i am not a technician. I am not calling you to build your product. We are looking for a change in business culture. Transform it and add transparency, openness and trust to all crypto spaces. And a happy ending for societies around the world.

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