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The First NFT Project that Utilizes Genetic Modeling for Metaverse Pets

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Seecrypt free hatch Delivered daily at 11am NY time!

What are SeaCrypt NFTs?

Seecrypt NFT is a pet (fish) themed NFT collection on the Polygon network.Unlike the typical 2D collections of mainstream NFT projects, SeaCrypt is First NFT project We have successfully employed genetic and evolutionary modeling approaches to generate unique and animated metaverse pets that go beyond traditional static models and gif files. This important milestone has opened up the possibility of generating lasting value and utility in the metaverse, especially for early adopters.

Genetically generated NFTs

SeaCrypt fish are genetically generated, taking inspiration and input from your special moments and memories, such as loved ones’ names and special events.

Like your special moments/memories, every fish is uniqueSeaCrypt fish are generated based on mathematical modeling using DNA concepts. No one can control fish attributes (not even the developer!). The (memory) phrase in the form of a bruise is evolution or mutation.

No game rarityMost NFT projects manipulated fake scarcity. For example, we created artificially rare features (0.5% blue fins) to inflate the value of NFTs.

SeaCrypt fish have No unusual features of presetsthe community (aka SeaCryptian) naturally craves the most desirable features.

Birthmark – Decentralized Places for Special Moments

SeaCrypt fish are genetically generated using advanced genetic systems. NFT owners arebruise”, mint fish from pre-purchased eggs. The “bruise” is permanently engraved on the fish’s eye, granting the community a mechanism to capture memories.

SeaCrypt guarantees the uniqueness of birthmarks. For example, popular phrases like “Elon Musk” and “To the moon” are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

SeaCrypt Partnership Program (SPP)

there is Short supply of 3333 eggsWhen the egg hatches, a genesis fish (first generation) will be born.All egg/genesis fish holders are automatically registered SeaCrypt Partnership Program (SPP).

The SPP was created to reward early adopters who helped inject seed genetics that are important to the SeaCrypt ecosystem into the SeaCrypt universe. SeaCrypt partners will be rewarded with 70% of usage fee Generated from transactions in OpenSea. In the future, the introduction of breeding (fees) will accelerate the increase in income.

On sale!

SeaCrypt officially launched 28th October 2022With the official release, SeaCryptians are now able to “hatch” eggs into Genesis Fish in the SeaCrypt world.Hatched fish can be found on the SeaCrypt website and high seasFish can also be sold on OpenSea.

free hatch Delivered daily at 11am NY timeThe community can receive eggs from the SeaCrypt website and hatch their first fish.


The most common concern people have about most NFTs is their impracticality. SeaCrypt has the same belief. Practicality brings long-term value to NFTs.

SeaCrypt NFT comes with real utilities.

  • fish breeding
    • NFT holders can breed their fish with other fish to produce new fish
    • New fish belong to the breeder
    • All fish can also be sold on OpenSea
  • fish interaction
    • SeaCrypt NFT format (GL Transmission Format Binary File) allows fish to interact with their owners
    • One example is a fisheye that follows mouse movements
  • Aquarium and Metaverse Integration
    • Similarly, the SeaCrypt NFT format offers the flexibility of placing fish in tanks where they can swim freely on their own.
    • VR integration comes as part of SeaCrypt’s grand master plan


The team has always been dedicated to building strong utilities for their projects and never stopped building. Next are breeding, customizable aquariums (containing multiple fish), and other gamification.

Stay tuned for future updates.

For more information on SeaCrypt
website: https://seacrypt.co
discord: https://discord.gg/f36t3Uej3Y
telegram: https://t.me/seacrypt
twitter: https://twitter.com/seacrypt

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