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The Fuzelo Patented Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym

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All-in-one, Portable, Affordable

A metaverse educational fitness adventure that transports you to exotic destinations around the world. Experience each location from the comfort of your own home using your TV, smart device, or VR headset.

irvine, california, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fuzelo announced today that My First Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym, Combining new futuristic AI blockchain-powered Metaverse fitness technology with yoga/pilates gym, total training gym and the first portable workout system to bring the Metaverse travel adventure experience to your home.

The system folds easily and features a patented dual upper and lower resistance unit that integrates multiple exercises into one workout. Its advanced AI provides health metrics and exercise tracking to identify strengths and weaknesses while guiding improvements in areas that need attention.

As a result, you can cut your 20 minute workout down to just 9 minutes. The Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym is designed to be affordable. $99.

Overcome Workout Obstacles

CDC researchers have revealed that nearly 80% of American adults are not getting the recommended weekly amount of exercise. The most common reasons people don’t exercise: “I don’t have time” “Gym facilities and membership fees are expensive” Also “Workouts are repetitive, boring, and not fun.”

moreover, New research shows that your body starts to look and feel older after you turn 30., you lose 10 ounces of lean body mass or muscle each year and replace it with adipose tissue. By the age of 50, that percentage will double for him. Triple aging at the age of 60. All of this can be avoided with 7-9 minutes of resistance exercise each day.

Resistance training with the Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym is considered one of the best ways to influence weight loss, burning calories for up to 72 hours post-workout. Individuals can travel to the Himalayan peaks with a Tibetan monk, glide through the pyramids with Cleopatra, or meditate by the Taj Mahal with an Indian guru.

A team of experienced innovators

25+ years as a leader in artificial intelligence, motion capture and fitness research, CEO Michael Kokorek We have worked with the award-winning Chief Creative Officer of Fuzelo. Mike Smithpartnering with over 10 film studios worldwide, leverages the Unity game engine to pioneer a hybrid metaverse that synthesizes location footage and special effects animation, thereby evoking unique workout experiences.

With over 5 years of research and development, the Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym was developed by designers, aerospace engineers, and exercise physicians to ensure affordability, ease of use, and portability.

Available on Kickstarter from $99The first 1,000 contributors will receive a free VR headset. As a holiday special, Fuzelo offers a special gift card. With this card, you can trim and trigger videos of Buff Santa (and his sexy elves) leading a workout on their Arctic metaverse trip.

contact address
Michael Kokorek
Email: [email protected]
phone number: 310-890-1241
Metaverse Yoga-Pilates Total Gym & Guided Travel Workouts. — Kickstarter

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