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The Iconic’s first customer chief on metaverse, modern-day marketing and customer obsession

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Building the social and metaverse muscles to deliver modern marketing and customer obsession was a priority for Iconic’s Chief Customer Officer in his first year.

Dean Chadwick Last year, he joined the specialty retailer in the newly created role of Chief Customer Officer. caught up with CMOs It follows the successful return of the brand’s Runway X fashion show to an in-person event format on November 2nd. The 6th edition of this production, a famous event on the Australian fashion calendar, uses the Web 3.0 components introduced at the event to not only demonstrate diversity and inclusion, but also provide mixed reality immersion. did.

“Historically, we’ve been known to take Runway X in new directions. When we were thinking about this year, we thought about the organization’s vision and how we wanted to align on the future,” said Chad. Wick said. CMOs.

“The Iconic is an 11-year-old digital native retailer born in the cloud. Technology is at the forefront and center of our business, and we also have a strong social conscience. Given our foray into 3.0, it was important to think about how to educate ourselves and our customers, and subtly participate in that as a space.

For Chadwick, the driving force became less about the “metaverse” and more about “connecting and merging the real world.” As part of the programme, physical models on the catwalk showcased more than 170 of his looks from major national and international brands such as Manning His Cartwell, Jack + Jack, Mimco, Peta + Jayne and Mosman. .

As a nod to the metaworld, there were also metamodels featured via onstage metamirrors, showing virtual avatar representations of real people in the metaverse. Debuted and auctioned an NFT containing a digital portrait designed by a Bianca Beers. This was coupled with two seasonal styling sessions and wardrobe refreshes each year for the next decade. The physical prizes are worth a total of $20,000.

As with the first foray into metaversethis year’s Chadwick’s Runway X represents a clear case study in modern marketing.

“It’s a great example of how we brought it to market. It’s physical entertainment, it’s a good piece of work, but the lens was very social.” he explained. “We showcased products and hundreds of looks across models, and the talented lineup was an incredible display of diversity.

“Hundreds of influencers and media participated in the conversation before, during and after the show. While the live event lasted just 32 minutes, the conversation stretched across Australia for weeks.”

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