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The Impact Collective Adds New Technology and Fundraising Features to its NFT Marketplace

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San Diego – ()–impact collective announced new technical features for the NFT Marketplace that cement its position as a one-stop-shop for nonprofits to buy, sell and resell their digital collections. To attract more donors, Impact Collective is now offering a QR redemption code for donors to receive a free commemorative NFT. To accommodate the work of renowned artists and hosting large editions, The Impact Collective has also added the ability to offer multiple editions of a single his NFT.

La Jolla Playhouse We were the first partner of The Impact Collective to provide a redemption code in exchange for NFTs to Innovation Night 2022 donors who will join San Diego’s tech entrepreneur community at the world-famous theater. A limited-edition commemorative NFT provided a unique way to thank donors associated with the innovation economy.

“With a focus on creative and adventurous art, we have partnered with Impact Collective to provide limited-edition digital collectibles for our annual Innovation Night fundraiser. We have created a one-of-a-kind ‘swag bag’ that provides guests with a timeless artistic asset that can be sold,” said Debby Buchholz, Managing Director of La Jolla Playhouse. .

These new features are Key accessibility features in Impact Collective A simple NFT wallet registration process and a marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency and credit card payments. Overall, The Impact Collective is the only platform that offers all these features.

“The addition of these features will establish The Impact Collective as a leading platform for nonprofits to sell NFTs,” said Neil Senturia, CEO of the company. “Impact Collective is unique not only in the breadth of its products, but also in the overall ease of use that makes it accessible to all types of donors.”

Following The Impact Collective, which hosts NFT drops, second chance To raise funds to support the program’s mental health, addiction, and vocational training programs, the online exhibition will showcase the work of established artists such as Tony Concep, Saxon Chan, and Richard Ybarra, as well as Second Chance alumni. Art created by has been featured.

The NFT market is expected to generate $3 billion in revenue this year and grow by more than 30% over the next five years. recent economic forecasts From research and the market. This growing market provides a great opportunity for nonprofits to find new donors. motivation to give Through the purchase of NFTs. NFTs for charity could become an established practice, similar to how well-known nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and UNICEF have embraced cryptocurrencies.

For more information impact collective: NFTs purchased through The Impact Collective, a San Diego software company, have an immediate and direct impact on both nonprofits and artists. By blending the popularity of NFTs with an accessible marketplace where payments can be made with a regular credit card, The Impact Collective is a non-profit for projects that empower participants, create art, and impact communities. Help organizations raise funds.

For more information La Jolla Playhouse: From Tony Award-winning productions, to imaginative programming for younger audiences, to interactive experiences outside the walls of theaters, La Jolla Playhouse brings artists and audiences together to explore what’s new in American theater. This is where you create: Founded in 1947 by Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire, and Mel Ferrer, The Playhouse is now headed by Tony Award winner Christopher Ashley, the Rich Family artistic director of the La Jolla Playhouse, and managing his director, Debbie Buchholz. I’m here. The Playhouse is internationally renowned for the development of new plays and musicals, including 105 world premieres, 60 new commissions, and 33 of his productions, including hit musicals, sent to Broadway. come from away – Received a total of 38 Tony Awards and the 1993 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater.

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