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The metaverse of mascots, escorts, philanderers and pla…

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What a proverbial roller coaster 21st It’s the century.

The post-globalization era has revolutionized relationships, trade, lifestyles, commerce, and geopolitics in more ways than we could have imagined after World War II.

For some, it didn’t announce the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It rained down on us like a meteor, opening and closing information craters in the process and pretending to shatter.

Every aspect of life is a mess no matter how you look at it. No need to look for mobile money everywhere. At the pension payment point, the old lady dials *120*120# to buy airtime. At ATMs, wealthy young people pull out e-wallets alongside blue-collar workers, migrant workers and sugar babies.

The age of artificial intelligence, with super robots enabling deep learning, is opening up knowledge and commerce vistas, at least for those with the resources and social capital to make it work. For the rest of us, we are just a marketplace under algorithmic scrutiny.

At the same time, millions of people are becoming numb and insane in the addictive metaverse of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. There’s a state for everyone under the Metaverse sun.

When people argued and wanted to expose their stupidity to the outside world, Twitter emerged to quench their thirst for fame by nagging celebrities for one reason or another. .

In this state, everyone claims their right to the prime minister’s chair and chains. Notoriety of all kinds is rife, and more and more despicable acts of rushing likes and retweets.

Despite the fact that nearly everyone knows they are not bound to this platform, it has become a playground for divine politicians to expand their sphere of influence. Today, self-respecting politics home doesn’t exist without social media what what Uploading photos and videos, randomly tweeting excerpts of lengthy speeches, and generally being hired to maintain the visibility of that politician.

They compete with OnlyFans’ models, their regular customers, and various other forms of solicitation. The logic is that the more followers, retweets and likes you have, the more your ego spreads. Could you imagine that Twitter is now a porn hub? No wonder a guy from Pretoria bought it and turned it into a ranch.

At a time when people wanted to kill their embellished lives and show off in public, the Instagram realm was there to offer urban freedom — no visa required.Luxury Fashion Brand Private Jet , flashy decor, tables roaring with choice food and expensive alcohol.

Instagram is the realm of influencers who basically trade nothing for likes. These influencers are oblivious to the realities of life. Everyone is rich, snatched, and successful.

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Everyone is adjusting their face and using Photoshop within an inch of their life.cellulite, acne, or Shubaba here. Everyone is bleached or has fair skin. Adding Botox to the mixture made everyone look alike, if not identical.

Can someone explain the craze for photos in bathrooms? Perhaps it’s because of good lighting. How can self-respecting people turn themselves into such mascots? Even famous politicians? It emphasizes our ugly selves.

For those who dreamed of appearing on stage and screen but were turned down by casting agencies and production companies, TikTok is a new public space that unlocks notable adventures. There are tons of unfiltered home videos of him out there. Rhondabel’s country slaying queen, who was decrepit, Omageza (taxi driver), Nyaope boy, and even a truck driver quickly rose to fame. Slay Queen of Urban Instagram found a match for these amateurs slaughtering in their natural habitat with and without filters.

Personally, I am a fan of Zulu TikTok. It was imposed on me by the algorithm. His first two searches when I joined were for traditional Zulu dancers to introduce to Chinese friends. Even Unyaji Lwezl, leader of the largest faction of the Shembe Church, is on TikTok. He was there the other day reprimanding the flock. The algorithm worked well after my search and decided to push similar videos every time I logged on.

Facebook is a place for people who have stories to tell but whose poor work has been rejected by publishers and newspapers. Now anyone with data and devices can issue a screed. According to Awake and his Generation Z his Twitter and Snapchat, Facebook is for the elderly, baby boomers and those who made South Africa out of control in his 80s.

Access is not bound by conspiracy theories or alternative facts. Like Instagram, Facebook can be a dangerous pursuit for impressionable young girls who can fall prey to philanthropists posing as chivalrous men. and has disastrous consequences. They can’t stand their mates on Tinder.

For those looking to keep their lewd pursuits low-key, Tinder comes to the rescue. Disguised as a bitcoin mogul, Private jets, eats caviar, and wears a Swiss watch. Women longing for validation, settling down, or meeting Mr. Right are easy choices for these Musa Mseleku-type characters. It can be a lot of money, and in many cases it will also save you money.

Just when I was trying to understand these breakthroughs and their implications in the world of supercomputing, Chat GPT It opens the door to plagiarists and shakes intellectual rigor. Chat GPT Technical mana from heaven for copycats. A beer truck rolls over in broad daylight.

Think no more. And even less, you don’t have to think twice about violating copyright or intellectual property rules. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Need to write a paper on climate change? Simply enter your keywords into the search engine and within 16 seconds you will have a machine-written essay ready to be submitted. Plagiarists in the Eastern Cape can be more productive with this platform.

Tired of living in the countryside and wanting to find work in Durban, we built a hut for rent. Now everyone lives with us Enanda. My Hood is the metaverse realm where human decency meets incinerator.

And so are these Metaverse realms. Everyone has a place in the sun. It’s a world of its own. You can also tag them together. Even idiots have gone viral. DM

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