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The metaverse will make or break Mark Zuckerberg

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Hi, I’m Alexey Oreskovic, Deputy Technical Editor. He will stand in for Jacob today.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, owned a news cycle on Tuesday with the rollout of a new mixed reality headset and accompanying coordinated campaign for hoopla.

The company New $1,500 Quest Pro Headset At the Connect conference focused on virtual reality and the metaverse. This is the same conference that Facebook officially attended. Rebranded as Meta Inc Last year, we emphasized our ambition to move beyond our social networking roots.

and event of the yearwhere industry heavyweights such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Accenture CEO Julie Sweet took to the stage to profess their enthusiasm for the Metaverse. Microsoft partners with Meta Create special versions of office productivity software that you can use while wearing your Quest Pro headset.

The headset itself received positive reviews from journalists who took it for a test drive.Wired’s Lauren Good rated it the highest Technologically advanced VR headset yet. That said, many reviewers, including Goode, added that they wouldn’t want to spend eight hours a day with one of these things strapped to their face.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems well aware of the need to keep expectations limited.and Interview with Alex Heath of The VergeZuckerberg stressed that this was an early and imperfect step on a long road, and despite the $1,500 price tag, it almost looks like a prototype. It’s not a perfect incarnation,” Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg’s big bet on the Metaverse is a bit of a complicated reality in itself. On one side of the screen is Meta’s core social networking business, which is under significant competitive pressure from TikTok and Apple’s privacy changes to his iPhone. his 98% of Meta’s business).

On the other screen is the amorphous concept of the metaverse and Zuckerberg’s insistence that only the metaverse matters.

For Zuckerberg followers (and most of all, Zuckerberg has shown shrewd business instincts over the years), Facebook’s founder is Wayne Gretzky, and where Puck is now. Skating to where the puck is (metaverse) (social media feed).

The question is, is Puck’s trajectory actually headed toward the world of the Metaverse and VR and AR headsets, or will Puck end up somewhere else entirely? A technology or computing platform you haven’t even considered yet. We won’t know the answer in a few years, but if it does, it will either be a spectacular demonstration of technology leadership or he will be one of the most costly failures in business history.

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Yuri says he will give Svidanya to Russia. Yuri Milnera billionaire technology investor who was an early backer Facebook, formally renounced Russian citizenship. Milner, who became an Israeli citizen in 1999, announced the move on Twitter, noting that he and his family “left Russia completely” in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea. Bloomberg pointed out in its report Milner’s first company, DST globalpartially funded by the state-owned Bank of Russia and other Russian backers in 2011.

Amazon is the new target for TikTok. chinese social media apps tick tock have eaten Instagram When snapchat Years of user base. Now there are signs that we want to take a little bit out of Amazon’s pie, too.according to Jobs found by AxiosTikTok plans to build a network of ecommerce fulfillment centers across the U.S. These warehouses will help TikTok strengthen its nascent online commerce business and speed up product delivery to customers. “By providing warehousing, shipping and customer service returns, we are helping sellers improve operational capacity and efficiency, provide buyers with a satisfying shopping experience, and ensure rapid and sustainable growth of the TikTok Shop.” It is our mission to help you do that,” says one of the job listings.

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before going

Elon and Vlad, yes or no? Just when the Elon Musk and Twitter deal drama seemed to be lulling, the billionaire Tesla CEO once again threw himself into the news. This time it’s about Musk and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apparently, the two recently had a phone conversation just before Musk publicly tweeted his “peace plan” for the Ukraine war. widely criticized To parrot a point in Russian.

But as with all things Musk, things get even weirder.

First Musk-Putin confab news Revealed by Ian BremmerIn a newsletter, he, who heads political consulting firm Eurasia Group, claimed to have been informed of the call by Musk himself. Musk, who tweeted on Tuesday that the last (and only) time he spoke to Putin was 18 months ago, says he was wrong. And the topic of that conversation, he said, was space.

Bremmer sticks to his story. “Musk told me he had talked to Putin and the Kremlin about Ukraine. He also told me what the Kremlin’s red line was.” Bremmer tweeted on TuesdayAccording to Bremmer, the mask also Denied Ukraine’s request to deploy Starlink Internet satellites in Crimea, fearing that such a move could trigger a nuclear war.

‘No one should trust Bremmer’ as conflicting Bremmer and Musk accounts escalate into Twitter altercation Musk strikes back— the world seems no closer to knowing if Putin and Musk have been in contact.

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