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The New Economic Road in Asia Pacific”, Highlights Metaverse Opportunities in APAC

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Singapore , October 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SenseTime today collaborated with Tech4SDG to publish the white paper Metaverse: The New Economic Road in Asia Pacificat SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology) × WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) 2022 held at SingaporeThis white paper explains how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can power new economic growth momentum globally and worldwide. Asia Pacific We will also build an innovative and sustainable ecosystem in the new Metaverse era. Additionally, we show how SenseTime uses algorithms and computing power infrastructure to power the construction and development of the metaverse.

A white paper published by SenseTime’s Intelligence Industry Research Institute points out: Asia Pacific (APAC) countries, which account for 60% of the world’s population, are paying more attention to their industrial development plans related to the Metaverse. McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2025, Metaverse-related investments will be US$4.165 billion APAC accounts for 22.5% of global investment. The analyst group predicts that metaverse technology will contribute over the next decade. US$3 trillion One-third of the world’s GDP comes from APAC. In other words, for every dollar invested in the metaverse industry, as explained in the white paper, $3.16 APAC in the next decade

Critical infrastructure readiness ensures sustainable development of the metaverse

Metaverse development is focused on an infrastructure of intelligent engines and an infrastructure of algorithms and computing power. These infrastructures are the key to making the Metaverse ‘immersive, low-friction, everywhere’, generating rich and diverse digital content and immersive experiences that will ultimately serve both consumption and production sectors. create economic value. SenseTime, a leading AI software company, lowers the threshold of entering the Metaverse for people everywhere through its SenseMARS Mixed Reality Platform. The ease of use of SenseMARS accelerates the development of the Metaverse through AI, XR, and other technical features. This white paper introduces applications that deliver exciting immersive experiences through the integration of virtual reality and reality, and these experiences are the first to open the gates of exploration in innovative metaverse scenarios in APAC and around the world. indicated that it is a step.

  • Immersive AR Tour: SenseTime has transformed the five-month Riyadh season into a mixed reality extravaganza, combining AI business intelligence with local attractions to deliver this massive carnival, creating an immersive experience for tourists. With AI + AR technology, visitors enjoyed vivid AR views that fused the virtual and physical worlds.

  • digital human: Sensetime’s digital human ‘Xiaotan’ will support customers with services such as inquiry service, navigation and shopping guide as a shopping guide for Guangzhou Aeon Mall.

  • Avatar: To meet the needs of users creating virtual avatars, SenseTime has introduced AI technology into Snow’s avatar application Zepeto. By taking a picture, identifying facial features, and applying AI or Augmented Reality (AR) technology, users can quickly create a virtual avatar that reflects them.

  • AR-based digital content: SenseTime has teamed up with Dunhuang Culture to jointly launch a digital collection of Dunhuang Nine-colored Deer. Integrating physical and virtual reality, the exhibit showcases the moving legend of the Nine-Colored Deer, giving this traditional treasure a vibrant, contemporary dynamism.

The white paper states that the development of the Metaverse includes progress towards the ultimate goal of completely breaking down the boundaries between reality and virtuality, allowing people to freely access and traverse different scenarios in the Metaverse. It summarizes that a formal process is required. Key factors such as technological advancements, ethical governance, privacy and data protection, the integration of real and virtual economic systems, and the organizational model of industry resources will play an important role as we enter the early stages of metaverse development. With continued research and applications in exploring the Metaverse, SenseTime is committed to helping the industry unlock the potential of innovative AI technologies to further expand Metaverse scenarios.

White Paper “Metaverse – A New Economic Path for Asia Pacific”

To learn more about the metaverse opportunity in APAC and download the white paper: “Metaverse: The New Economic Path Asia Pacific

About SenseTime

SenseTime is a leading AI software company founded in the United States. Hong Kong In 2014, we focused on creating a better AI-powered future through innovation. With a vision to use AI to drive the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds, facilitating sustainable productivity gains and seamless interactive experiences, SenseTime advances the cutting edge of AI research, We are committed to developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses. Get close to people and society, attract and nurture excellent human resources, and create the future together.

With roots in the academic world, we offer industry-leading full-stack AI capabilities covering key areas of cognitive intelligence, decision intelligence, and AI-enabled content, with unique capabilities that enable continuous improvement. We invest in cutting-edge research in It includes not only the core capabilities of AI chips, sensors and computing infrastructure, but also the generation and enhancement of AI-enabled content. Our proprietary AI infrastructure, SenseCore, enables us to develop powerful and efficient AI software platforms that are scalable and adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Today, our technology is trusted by customers and partners in various industries such as smart business, smart city, smart life and smart auto.

SenseTime Group Inc. (stock code: 0020.HK) has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). We have offices in markets including: Hong KongMainland China, Taiwan, macau, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia When KoreaAs well as the presence in Thailand, Indonesia When PhilippinesFor more information, please visit the SenseTime website. website as well as that LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook When Youtube page.



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