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The NFT skill tree 🎯 – by William M. Peaster

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Dear country without banks

In some of my past posts, I mentioned the idea of ​​an “NFT Skill Tree”.

Currently, all skill sets you can learn by progressing through all major categories of NFT activities.

I thought it would be nice to map out the branches of what a modern NFT skill tree might look like, so in today’s post I’ll be using Alex Gedevani’s excellent NFT Vertical Spreadsheet.

Can you maximize your skill tree? Most likely not. half These branches will position you well as NFTs become more important in the years to come.

That said, let’s take a look at what these 21 major skill branches are, and some of the major projects you can explore in each!


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NFT Analysis Resources It provides an easy-to-use interface for discovering actionable NFT insights, such as incorrectly priced listings, and understanding NFT activity flows, such as trading volume metrics.

  • Compare 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day lowest price statistics for major collections flip

  • Configuring Custom Mint Alerts for Browsers ice tools

  • Read the Lucky Listings UI to find incorrectly priced NFTs lucky trader

  • Check the history of a specific wallet using NFT Wallet Profiler Nansen

  • Explore what specific NFT communities are collecting at any given time watchtower

Artist-centric platform It now forms a major part of the NFT ecosystem. These projects provide an infrastructure that makes it easy for the artist to create and share her work with a growing global community of digital collectors.

NFT borrowing and lending protocol Borrowers can get fixed-term loans against NFTs, and lenders can earn yields or liquidated NFTs. There has been a recent explosion of interest in this kind of project at the intersection of DeFi and NFT.

  • Collateral NFTs to Field Loan Offers NFTfi

  • Deposit ETH into the reserve pool and earn yield Ben Dao

  • make a loan offer at arcade Also sodium

community resources A project that helps streamline activities such as community discovery and community management.

  • Automate NFT community membership management guild

  • Customizing the Community Treasury juice box

  • Discover actions your wallet can perform, such as voting and minting Dawn

  • Setting up a token gate forum for the NFT community Collective

  • Preparing the allow list at Premint

content group A decentralized group creatively coordinating to spread a brand, story, or narrative universe. For example, Nouns DAO members vote on how the project’s financial resources will be used to support the ‘Nounish’ brand efforts.

Curation platform and protocol It helps artists, collectors, curators, and casual users alike organize NFTs into galleries for events, scholarship initiatives, and more. By elevating NFTs beyond simply financial concerns, curation creates cultural value for her NFTs.

  • Your favorite NFT exhibition Deca, galleryAlso JPGs (Disclosure: I contribute to JPG!)

game project The NFT ecosystem uses NFTs to facilitate asset ownership and in-game economies. The main goal of the game is to have fun, but many NFT games also offer novel possibilities to play and earn.

discovery project Allow users to quickly and easily find notable NFT events and information. Getting a feel for these tools will help you better navigate on-chain situations.

  • Create a domain name for your wallet at ENS

  • find trending mint mint. fun

  • Create a web3-friendly search query with drift

  • Tracking trending sales environment

View project It helps NFT owners and exhibitors showcase their NFTs in a physical setting.

liquidity protocol Allows NFT traders to access a decentralized liquid market around illiquid NFTs.

  • create a new liquidity pool in sudo swap

  • Exchanging Homogeneous NFTs NFTX

market place An online store where people can buy and sell NFTs. A marketplace can be a standalone operation like Nifty Gateway, or an aggregator platform like Gem that allows trading across multiple NFT marketplaces at once.

metadata storage platform It provides creators with a streamlined UI and maintains NFT metadata in decentralized storage solutions such as Arweave, IPFS and Filecoin. Metadata for many NFT projects is maintained off-chain, so the importance of long-term metadata security cannot be underestimated.

metaverse project The NFT ecosystem uses NFTs to facilitate ownership of virtual land and global assets, bringing digital experiences to life.

multiplayer crypto project It makes it easy for groups of friends and strangers to collectively own and use NFTs together.

Music NFT Platform Helping musicians connect with fans in new ways through 1/1 or editioned collectible music releases. The scene is really starting to blossom, which bodes well for the future of indie music!

  • Create your own songs using our Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) system Arpeggi

  • Developing custom playlists spin amplifier

  • collect collectible songs catalog Also sound

NFTfiis a sector that sits at the intersection of NFTs and DeFi, facilitating complex NFT-based financial services in a decentralized way, like on-chain NFT derivatives.

  • Create an NFT calling option in needle

  • Deposit WETH in capital treasury meta street

  • Generate an on-chain credit score via spectrum

Portfolio management project Helping NFT collectors create a one-stop hub to track their holdings, increasingly across multiple chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Pricing project is focused on helping NFT collectors and traders value their property. Pricing is still in its infancy, but some promising initiatives are beginning to bear fruit.

protection project It helps NFT creators or owners to ensure the long-term safety of their NFTs.

  • Backup off-chain NFT metadata Club NFT

  • Test NFT drop quality beforehand using StealthTest no name

rental platform Help people pay to rent or rent NFTs.

wallet project Help people streamline the process of self-administering their NFTs. Wallets come in many forms, including mobile apps and multi-signature vaults.

  • Create an NFT vault for long-term security safety

  • Set up a burner wallet for free Mint via Rainbow

  • Practice activities at ⛹ branch of NFT skill tree I want to improve my ability

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