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The Promise, the Peril, and What The Future Actually Holds

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Judging by industry convention, the third-highest-grossing film of 2014 didn’t deserve that kind of success.It was based largely on source material that retained a fanbase of some of the most niche comic fans. was sitcom When wrestlingIt’s strange, it’s very spontaneous, and its climax is foot looseSo what was that movie?

It was guardian of the galaxyand it scraped over $700 million at the box office.

However, 2014 was eight years ago. Well, a lot has changed since then. Perhaps the biggest change came at the turn of his 2020s, blockchain technology And Web3 grabs mainstream attention. Movies and related franchises about cartoon characters can saturate the media and have unsightly and dangerous consequences for storytelling in general. So, it’s time to explore what role NFTs will play in the future of storytelling, especially in the context of comics.

How NFT is opening storytelling

Several creators are looking at NFTs as a catalyst that could bring about a big shift in how future franchises are developed and built. One notable example of this is Cult of the Forgotten Rune WizardThrough the sale of Wizard NFTs, they allowed their owners to manipulate their characters however they wished.

And with that freedom, the owner weaves its own story in the lore of the Forgotten Runes. Codexif you like, for each character in the collection.

How does the Forgotten Runes team handle all these characters and community-built lore? Telling stories — all to contribute to the goal of speedrunning the next big fantasy franchise. . “We want to get into the mainstream. We want to reach all audiences who love the fantasy genre,” said Elf, co-creator of Forgotten Runes with his nft now. said in an interview. “So creating these ‘legacy media representations’ is a really good way to do that. “

But even if the medium Forgotten Runes chose to represent its world and characters was traditional, the creative process was quite another. Despite this, Forgotten Runes has managed to bring together cohesive media and unite the efforts of the community.

The appeal of NFT comics

TV series and blockchain game Comic books are perhaps the most promising of Forgotten Runes’ media ventures. The reason is simple. Because the turnaround for this type of media is incredibly fast. “A lot of people are like, ‘How do we manage to get so many different stories from a decentralized community? How are we going to actually put all this stuff into one media representation? And my answer is, well, look at this cartoon, this is how we do it, and the proof is in Pudding,” said the elf.

What did the Forgotten Runes do with the NFT Comics prints? They gave it away. everyone. “The bottom line is reaching and expanding the non-crypto audience,” Elf said. “A lot of people have told us to tokengate a lot of the stuff we make. I can understand why they say that, but it just doesn’t make sense. […] Why limit your audience? “

“Comic [is a] It’s a much faster way to incorporate cold content into large-scale, professional, studio-quality media presentations,” said Elf. “[They] You can experiment faster, iterate faster, and explore characters and stories faster. There’s reason to believe that the format could lead the way in attracting new fans to his NFT-first franchise, thanks to the inherently quick turnaround that comics as a medium has.

Even the NFT collection, which started as a mere thing PFP offeringseveral creators have found comics to be a great way to flesh out characters without having to wait years for an idea to come to fruition. One such creator is the founder of Pixel Vault It was GFunk. Cryptopunks A collection of 2D sprites, punk comics May 2021.

potential drawback

There’s no denying that giving the franchise’s fanbase and community the ability to create its continuity brings an unprecedented level of engagement between fans and the subject of their fandom.But theoretically Anyone Holding the franchise’s NFT allows you to participate in its story, but with some minor risks.

As an example, let’s take a look at a popular expression that has been embraced by fandoms around the world since the late 90’s. It’s fan fiction.In the hands of talented writers, this medium is ripe Further develop a somewhat one-dimensional character In the original text, among other literary possibilities and explorations. Half-hearted fanfiction writers can work well together if the author succeeds in constructing a compelling world using a logical set of rules.

However, the reverse is also true.As a case in point, let’s look at my immortal – piece of Harry potter Fanfiction is so commonly hated that some even speculate that overly elaborate satire It satirizes the worst of what fanfiction has had to offer. If JK Rowling’s Wizarding World featured a similar structure to decentralized NFT franchises, my immortal Recognized as an actual canon within the franchise. In the real world, this work Harry potter franchise. They may even have been added from a certain subset of the Potterhead community.The same cannot be said if the work is actually perceived as a canon entry into the series. game of thrones It seems to have disappeared from the mainstream conversation overnight after its final season received widely negative reviews.

The NFT franchise thankfully has safety nets to ensure something is coming up my immortal The quality level stays within the community. For Forgotten Runes, we have a natural curation process that highlights the best the community has to offer. In other words, it directly references user-created lore within legacy media presentations. “I have just read from issue 1 to issue 4. [of the Forgotten Runes comic] When [our comic artist’s got] 20-30 great wizard references from various community members in these first four issues. This is a strong proof of concept. We want to continue that kind of creative pipeline through everything we do, including shows and games,” Elf said.

Cartoon industry reaction

Perhaps the most obvious of the future roles NFT-built franchises will play in storytelling is Marvel and DC’s involvement in the NFT space. slam girl franchise This is largely due to the technology’s potential for creative expression and community building.

“When we started writing comics, it was ink on paper. Now you look at digital comics a little bit, but what have you got. It felt like a real gateway to the world,” Slam Girl curator and former Marvel executive VP Shirrel Rhoades said in a previous interview with nft now. “I think it opens up a whole new world for collectibles. […] storytelling, […] and visual presentation. “

Beyond this, however, legacy comics brands are primarily interested in the potential of NFTs as digital collections. It makes sense because people have been collecting comics for as long as they’ve read and written them.

For Marvel fans, the digital collection marketplace VeVe is Marvel-themed merchandise to the market. These range from digital figures to digital copies of iconic Marvel covers from its long history.

Similarly, DC also launched an NFT collectible cape crusader alongside dc universe, the comic book publisher’s new Web3 imprint. Inside, users can engage in the tradition of buying and selling comics among fans and collectors thanks to the new DC Collectible Comics initiative, which creates a new digital collectible comic each week from the publisher’s vast archive. Leading the October 27th release is the digital collection version of the first issue. Superman, featuring a limited edition of 3,000 mints. The affordable price of $9.99 is also attractive.At the time of purchase, the buyer will be assigned another Rarity, from common to legendary. Perhaps the comic franchise that started as the NFT Collection will one day do the same and come full circle on Web3’s journey.

what the future holds

in the face of bear market, what creators like Forgotten Runes and Pixel Vault continue to do bodes well for the future of the NFT landscape. It’s good that project values ​​and sales are trending upwards over time, but the legacy comics industry and all its media offshoots show one thing. Most importantly, the ideas, stories, and characters contained in NFT Comics continue to spread and spread.

But in the long run, one idea that Elf believes should spread to all the brands currently dominating the media landscape is inherent in most Web3 projects. That means we need to focus on fans and creators first, and then on shareholders and companies.

“Creativity is put on the back burner to profit,” Elf says of her experience working in traditional media. “It is the non-creative people at the top who make the final creative decisions. The antidote is to invert that model. [the fans and creators] Did you really have to sit in the creative driver’s seat? What great product could you get out of that model?” There is a high possibility that

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