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This Play 2 Earn NFT Presale is Giving Away $100,000 – How to Win?

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New Battle Card Play & Earn Project Calvaria donates $100,000 As part of a pre-sale campaign.

The just-launched project has run through Stage 1 of the pre-sale, offering early investors the chance to win a piece of the huge prize pool.

What is Calvaria?

calvaria is a unique project that not only develops a P2E blockchain-based game, but also a free-to-play version to bring regular gamers into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Playing most cryptocurrency games requires knowledge of expensive NFTs and blockchain technology, which puts some off, but Calvaria wants to engage players in a different way.

The free-to-play version of Duels of Eternity has a lifetime tracker that shows players how much money they would have earned if they had played the Play to Eater version.

There are also various gamified educational modes that reward players while teaching them about blockchain and the crypto space.

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eternal duel

Duels of Eternity is the project’s main game, a unique card battle game featuring 3D rendering and story mode.

Set in the afterlife, players will see different factions vie for supremacy, each with their own goals, ambitions, and characteristics.

One of them is already named top prize money market game.

Later on the roadmap is a gamified staking platform where deck owners can rent decks, build teams of players, and earn crypto in the process.

Calvaria $100k giveaway

As part of an ongoing pre-sale, Calvaria will be giving three lucky winners a share of a $100,000 prize pool, paid out in the ecosystem’s native token, $RIA.

To participate, individuals must participate in a series of simple social media tasks.

The first condition is that you must hold $100 in the RIA on the draw date (December 20, 2022).

There are a total of 10 ways to enter the competition, and investors can make a total of 155 entries by completing all tasks.

Tasks include following Calvaria on Twitter, joining Discord and Telegram, and spreading the word about the project.

The 1st place winner will receive $70,000 in RIA tokens, the 2nd place winner will receive $20,000, and the 3rd place winner will receive $10,000.

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calvaria presale

of calvary app sale has just launched and is currently still in Stage 1 with almost $150,000 raised to date.

At the time of writing, a $100 investment will return 10,000 RIA tokens, but later stages will bring the total to 10 and the price of the tokens will rise steadily.

There is no vesting period for tokens after launch.

For more information on the project, Calvary White Paper or join Telegram groups.

we wrote completely Guide on how to buy Calvaria tokens here.

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