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Toda City in Japan Is Using Metaverse Tools to Combat School Absenteeism – Metaverse Bitcoin News

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Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, is using metaverse-based tools to combat the absenteeism problem facing Japan. The city contains children in a virtual space where they can explore a virtual campus and attend classes online, but eventually prepare to rejoin regular classes.

Toda City Combats Absenteeism with Metaverse Tools

The Metaverse is beginning to be used as part of the educational and therapeutic process. Toda City in Japan is now Finding The problem of school truancy using metaverse-based tools. Children who are said to have trouble attending school are using a tool created last year by a nonprofit with the idea of ​​letting them roam around in a virtual world.

This digital world allows children to explore a virtual campus, participate in virtual classes, and prepare to rejoin regular classes. At least that’s what city officials want, and they’re also proposing to count these Metaverse her classes as regular school hours if the principal approves.

A nearly 2-year-old fifth grader declared that it was easier to connect and chat with others online than in the real world. Masayuki Sugimori, director of the city education center, hopes that the children who participate in the program will one day be able to lead independent lives.

School refusal is a big problem in Japan.A recent survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Education found announced that 244,940 students will be absent from school for 30 days or more in 2021. Officials say this may be related to her Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected how the children interact with others.

The environment created by Covid-19 measures also quoted by Japanese media As a possible reason for the record student suicides of 2020.

virtual world and education

Various educational institutions in various fields have adopted the Metaverse as a teaching tool. In July, the University of Tokyo announced that it would start offering an engineering graduate school. course in the metaverse later this year.In China, Nanjing University Preparation Establish one of the first Metaverse majors in the country and train workers to be ostensibly ready for Metaverse-related jobs.

10 U.S. Universities in September announced They had already created a digital campus with Meta as part of a $150 million immersive learning project.Similarly, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in July create of the metaverse campus to reach students who cannot attend regular classes.

What do you think about Toda City using the Metaverse tool to fight school truancy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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