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Tom Sachs Turned Condom-Tipped Rocket Factory NFT Into Prints

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With the help of accessible art platform Avant Arte, Tom Sachs too hot Silkscreen prints of NFTs from the Rocket Factory collection.

“When I first met him in 2019, I remember visiting his studio and discussing making prints together,” said Avante Arte co-founder Christian Luiten. Three years later, we are collaborating on an insane print, the first that Tom has worked on in three years, and the first related to the Rocket Factory.”

Like NFTs, too hot The print features Frankenrocket blasting with Cup Noodle tails, Chanel bodies, and Trojan noses (it doesn’t get any cheekier than a condom brand on the tip of Rocket).

Sealed with Sax’s famous signature and stamped, this poster also contains some hidden treasures for NFT fans.

Saxophone fans who own a UV light, your time has come. This tool will reveal a hidden QR code and provide a link to Too Darn Hot NFT. From there, fans can claim the Rocket NFT displayed on the poster as their own and add it to their digital collection.

Meanwhile, the back of the print has a holographic sticker that connects to a second QR code, making it another unique NFT. These disguised details prove that the poster is not only a gift that keeps on giving, but that the poster is a Saks original.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was one of the first museums to welcome NFTs under its wing, and rightly so, it houses one of Sachs’ logo rocket NFTs.

LACMA’s acquisition of Sachs’ NFT is essentially a rocket factorywas launched in 2021 as a “hyperdimensional manufacturing factory” as defined by Sachs.

Essentially, through Rocket Factory, fans create new NFTs from existing ones, resulting in these hybrid (in this case, cross-branded) rocket artwork called “Franken Rockets”.

With LACMA showing support and acknowledging Sax’s NFTs as art, Sax too hot Print sales to LACMA.

it’s not a secret tom sachs sharing his deep love for the universe, evident in his many exhibitions, Nike collaborationand even his own spaceship.

The Rocket Factory and These Accompanying Prints — Available November 2nd Avant Arte website 750 euros (about $747) — simply extending his admiration for the final frontier When His growing appreciation for the on-chain space.

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