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Toonstar’s Web3 Animated Show The Gimmicks Launches New Season on Avalanche Blockchain

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Los Angeles – ()–toon starWeb3 animation studio today announced a breakout adult animated series. gimmick, The second season on the Avalanche blockchain is launched. The new season will premiere on Thursday, October 27th. avalanche createsis a Bay Area event hosted by Ava Labs, the software company that supports the Avalanche ecosystem. Mark Consuelos (riverdale) will participate gimmick The team as executive producer and voice actor.

Veteran Hollywood writers Dave Ihlenfeld aka “The Daves” and David Wright (Family Guy, Star Trek: Lower Decks) will continue to serve as executive producers. The new season, “House of Chico,” follows breakout his star Rocky Romero (aka Chicoel his Luchador) back to Mexico, where he’s from Lucha. And true to Toonstar’s commitment to bringing diverse voices to animation, new voice Mike Tenango joins the writing team and Alberto Portillo joins as producer. The new season will also feature his top Latino influencers and talents.

  • Jairo Orozco + Bryan Rojo (Mexican Guys)

  • Eric Ochoa (Supereego)

  • Jesus Sepulveda (HBO Comedy Special, “Mr. Tough Life”)

  • Laura DiLorenzo (Netflix, Selena: The Series)

  • Fabian Alomar (FX, Mayan MC)

Rocky Romero said, “It’s a well-documented lack of diverse voices in Hollywood, especially Latinx voices.” We are excited to embrace new technology that will enable our voices to be heard.”

gimmick embraced Web3 early on, giving NFT owners the ability to influence storylines and character arcs. The model defied industry trends with incredible success, with viewer engagement and retention rates remaining high throughout the season. Toonstar’s proprietary technology allows NFT holders to interact on-chain, and in just three months he has over 70,000 weekly repeated on-chain actions and his over a million DIC punches (votes and message) were recorded. In the new season, Toonstar expands opportunities for The Gimmics community to interact on-chain with his Upvoting, a Reddit-like forum. “Hot or Not” is a rating board like a rotten tomato.

Launched in September 2020, Avalanche ushers in a new era of blockchain where transaction finality is near-instantaneous. Today, Avalanche powers over 500 of his dApps, securing billions of dollars in value while minimizing climate impact. Avalanche’s proven speed, reliability and environmental friendliness gimmick Add more NFTs and interactivity. These properties will enable Avalanche to provide the seamless Web3 support needed to balance creative storytelling and engaging community engagement, key to Web3’s success in Hollywood (Hollywood 3.0) .

Toonstar CEO and Co-Founder John Attanasio said: “As soon as I started talking to the team at Avalanche, I knew they really understood Hollywood 3.0 and could provide the best technology and support to help us lead the market.”

John Nahas, vice president of business development at Ava Labs, said: “They are blurring old boundaries in creative new ways, paving the way for Hollywood to transition to his Web3.

Avalanche will host the premiere event for Season 2. Ciel Creative Studios, followed by a Q&A with Toon Star and Avalanche executives. Toonstar continues to push the boundaries of his utility in participatory storytelling and community with the release of additional his NFTs available to fans throughout the season.

For more information on Toon Star, http://www.toonstar.com.

For more information on Avalanche, please visit: https://avax.network/.

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