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Top 7 Crypto VC Firms & Web3 Funds 2022

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Have you ever been in a cryptocurrency Twitter space? Did the host keep talking about how “VC” funded new projects? Do you understand what VC means and its role in the crypto space? Otherwise, it can be a dilemma.

Venture involves taking risks in pursuit of substantial returns. Investments in new businesses and small businesses with high growth potential are known as venture capital.

Investors of this money are Venture Capitalists (VC). When a venture capitalist buys shares in a company and joins them as a financial partner, they are making a venture capital investment. It’s important to know.

Top 7 Crypto VC Companies

1. Block Media Lab
2. Pantera Capital
3. Three Arrows Capital
4. Jump Crypto
5. Coinbase
6. Sequoia
7. Binance Labs

Why You Need To Know About Crypto VC Firms

Helps you master crypto business knowledge
One of the most important benefits of venture capital is that it helps aspiring business owners gain corporate expertise. VC providers are highly skilled at guiding project owners in decision making.

● Project owners are exempt from repayment obligations
Project founders and developers are not obligated to repay the capital spent. Even if the business fails, there is no obligation to repay.

● Venture capital helps develop important connections
With expertise and networks, VC firms may help business owners make connections. This can be useful in terms of marketing and promotion.

● Help fund additional projects
By investing more money in a company, VC investors try to raise the valuation of that company. They can achieve this by engaging more investors in the future.

● Venture capital contributes to the development of technology
Smaller projects can use VC to get the funding they need to update or adopt new technology, helping them stay competitive.

Therefore, understanding what VCs do can help you choose profitable projects backed by popular capitalists. Cryptocurrency experts endorse these seven VC firms as the best in the industry. They include:

1) Block Media Lab

block media lab is a venture capital investment firm that supports cryptocurrency companies with funding and business guidance. The company will support upcoming crypto projects with a business concept and, in addition to providing financial support, will also help select suitable board members.

This VC firm focuses on various initiatives such as metaverse, digital tokens, NFTs, or other types of innovations that could influence the direction of the Web 3. Some of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies are already funded by Block Media Labs. In fact, the company has also invested in other well-known Web3 sites such as his NFT Launchpad.

Block Media Labs, meanwhile, says on its website that the company provides worry-free funding at every stage of the investment lifecycle. This is what distinguishes the company from its competitors, as many of them tend to focus on early-stage ventures. Block Media Labs is the ideal partner for both new and ongoing projects.

Interestingly, Block Media Lab has helped select companies secure more than $50 million in funding in 2022 alone. Additionally, the company assists cryptocurrency projects by providing strategic advice to highly qualified development and marketing teams.
Nevertheless, Block Media Labs offers customized solutions to help development teams gain more visibility in the Web3 marketplace, regardless of their stage of funding.

Another thing that sets Block Media Labs apart from its competitors is the company’s emphasis on collaboration. Block Media Labs aims to ensure that the group maintains a long-term, positive collaboration, whether it is planning to launch a new NFT collection or develop the best of his Web3 tokens, so new projects is a suitable partner for This ensures lasting success, not short-lived.

If you are interested in applying for Block Media Labs funding, please contact Block Media Labs using the online contact form. All you need is your name, email address, and a brief outline of your project’s purpose. Block Media Labs will contact you shortly after submitting the form to explore how we can help.

2) Pantera Capital
Pantera Capital, a California-based investment firm, focuses exclusively on companies, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology, digital currencies, and crypto-assets. They were the first US-based Bitcoin investment company and their main goal is to promote the use of blockchain technology around the world. We have a proven track record of adding value to your business.

3) Three Arrows Capital
In 2012, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies founded Three Arrows Capital. This is now considered one of the top fund and market managers in the business. 3AC assets include Ethereum, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Terra, Solana, and many other well-known blockchain systems. Additionally, he holds stakes in numerous of his DeFi and GameFi projects, including Axie Infinity, Aave, and others. A capital-based blockchain application is also created by his 3AC.

4) jump crypto
Jump Trading is a cryptocurrency trading company with offices in Europe, Asia and America. Jump Crypto is its investment arm. The ironic title of its vision and mission, “Statement on Modern Slavery,” perhaps alludes to the similarity of its goals. Jump Crypto has invested in numerous projects including Solana, Terra and Fantom.

5) Coinbase
One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for digital assets is Coinbase, whose investment arm is called Coinbase Ventures. This investment firm has funded many categories of projects in the web3 space and partnered with numerous cryptocurrency businesses.

It covers Layer 1 protocols, blockchain technology foundations, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and more. Coinbase, like Block Media Labs, takes a collaborative approach to investing. In other words, in addition to venture funding, we provide founders with operational expertise and strategy creation.

6) Sequoia
Sequoia is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the United States. We invest not only in the cryptocurrency market, but also in technology-related businesses operating in other industries. The business operates in the United States, Europe, Israel, Southeast Asia, and India.

Sequoia focuses on seed, early and growth stage investments. Founded in 1972, it wasn’t until 2022 that the venture capital business began to aggressively expand into the cryptocurrency industry.

7) Binance Labs
Binance, like Coinbase, is best known for its cryptocurrency exchange service. However, since its debut, Binance has evolved into a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, complete with a token launchpad and its own native blockchain.

Its investment arm, Binance Labs, was established to support businesses and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. VC Business has been in the cryptocurrency industry for over 3 years and has invested in initiatives on over 5 continents. Binance Lab’s portfolio includes over 200 projects including PancakeSwap, BitTorrent, Axie Infinity, Kava, Koi Trading and more.

The presence of venture capitalists in the crypto space can never be overemphasized. They play an important role in the investment and development of some crypto projects. Block Media Labs is one of the top VC firms with an amazing track record in fundraising projects.
So you can apply for that funding and stay up to date on projects backing Block Media Labs. This gives you early access to profitable projects and maximizes profits.

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