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Topl’s $1 Million Grant Program Enters Second Phase for Impact-Driven Blockchain Initiatives; Ramps Up With Sweetgum Labs

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AUSTIN, TX, USA, Oct. 27, 2022 by Chainwire — The purpose of the grant program is to “fund new directions for Web3” by supporting projects centered around sustainability and positive impact.

Toppleis a blockchain built to track, tokenize, and monetize positive impact, and today announced it has launched the second phase of its application. First $1 million grant program. moreover, The company has disclosed the initial grantees. sweet gum laba rising star in regenerative finance (ReFi).

This grant will enable Sweetgum Labs to build a passionate community of individuals who want to better understand and manage their carbon footprint. This is the catalyst for Topl to select Sweetgum as its first grant recipient.

Topl is accepting applicants for the second round of the grant program until November 15, 2022. The program aims to fund designers, visionaries and changemakers who are using blockchain to change the way business is done and the way markets operate. .

Grantees must build Topl’s own L0 blockchain protocol. However, other her Web3 technologies can be incorporated if desired. The funds will be used to advance tangible development milestones that realize the program’s guiding principle of “making the world a better place.”

Sweetgum Labs CEO and Founder Vera Wang said: “More than 85% of our girlfriends are concerned about climate change, but less than 35% of her have taken action.

Sweetgreen Labs plans to use the grant to integrate with the Topl network and explore opportunities using dApps built on the Topl blockchain to create meaningful synergies and ecosystem partnerships.

Sweetgum Labs plans to leverage the Topl blockchain in three approaches:

  • Recording and sharing individual environmental impacts: transparency and traceability not achievable with traditional web2 structures.
  • Tokenization of environmental impact: Hyper-tokenization enables a permanent record of positive behavior and assigns value to environmental actions.
  • Enabling interoperability and new opportunities: Recording data on-chain enables verification and use by other parties, including on-chain carbon or data marketplaces.

“Collaboration, hosting events together, and sharing contact and investor resources are in the spirit of a blockchain ecosystem focused on sustainability. I wanted to do it,” said Chris Georgen, Founder and Managing Director of Topl. “The Topl grants program is an important demonstration of the support and collaboration needed to accelerate action on climate change. We are proud to support an amazing company like Sweetgreen Labs with our first round of funding.”

Applicants can apply by filling this shape Until November 15, 2022. There are some requirements to keep in mind. Grant applicants must be legal entities and have the technical capability (preferably in-house) to build on the Topl blockchain. They should propose an impact-centric project and use that money to fund part or all of building a solution or project on the Topl blockchain.

About Topple

Founded in 2017, Topple An L0 blockchain protocol built from the ground up to power the next wave of economic transformation. Its goal is to create markets and systems that ensure that the most influential actions are the most profitable ones. Topl’s technology is used to track and verify conflict-free diamonds, fair wage coffee and chocolate, issue and secure nature-based carbon credits, and provide companies with verifiable reports on his ESG initiatives. .


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