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UK police council reports there are officers in every unit trained for crypto enforcement

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The Detective Commissioner for the UK National Police Commissioners’ Council said all police in the country have officers trained for investigations involving the enforcement and seizure of cryptocurrencies.

NPCC’s Andy Gould during the parliamentary debate on the UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill on 25 October. Said The country’s police had the capacity to deal with economic crimes involving cryptocurrencies, but they did not. dollars) to create a “crypto tactical advisor across policing.”

“We now have trained and equipped police officers in every unit and in every local organized crime unit. [investigate and seize crypto tied to crimes]said Gould. “We have nationally procured investigative tools to advance our investigations and have a national storage platform to store what we seize.”

Bill announced by King Charles in May, Introduced to Parliament by British MPs In September, it announced that it aims to expel “dirty money” out of the country, giving authorities the ability to “force them to turn over information that may be related to money laundering or terrorist financing.” contained. The British government has suggested that the bill relates to sanctions on individuals linked to Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine.

Gould said that despite the police’s ability to deal with illegal activity, use of cryptographyI faced the following challenges Incentives to join the private sector Keeping up with the industry:

“We are in a position to actually seize hundreds of millions of pounds worth of cryptocurrency assets in the last year or so. Our officers are in a bit of an arms race as the assets themselves are becoming more diverse and technologically complex.”

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The UK government has seen three leaders become the country’s 57th prime minister in less than two months, following the resignations of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss and the resignation of former finance minister Rishi Sunak on 25 October. , Congress continues to push crypto-related legislation forward.House of Commons Advancing Financial Services and Markets Billsfurthering the UK’s intention to become a global crypto hub by addressing regulation on digital assets and stablecoins.