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Veyond Metaverse and preeminent partners establish research collaboration to develop an AI-driven digital twin model

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Veyond Metaverse, a leader in immersive medical communications, and three partners develop AI-driven digital twin technology for UAM applications.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 26, 2022 /EIN Presswire.com/– beyond the metaverse is pleased to announce the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding for a ground-breaking research collaboration with UAM and industrial metaverse leaders KITECH, Konkook University and Bibum Solution. This collaboration between the three parties and Silicon Valley-based leader in advanced immersive medical communications, Veyond Metaverse, will bring the four organizations together to provide training and MRO training for the emerging UAM, and South Korea. It will develop Metaverse technology for future aviation and expansion of South Korea’s growth engine. Essential industries such as urban air mobility (UAM) and professional workforce development. The partnership aims to contribute to development, promote cooperation on aviation and essential industries, and cooperate with domestic and foreign specialist companies VEYOND METAVERSE and B-Bum Solution for UAM and advanced essential technology related research and development. and

Details of cooperation under this agreement cover six areas:
1. Cooperation in joint research and development in aviation and core fields, training of specialized personnel, and development of the aviation industry
2. Shared use of educational and research facilities and equipment
3. Technology and information exchange such as seminars and symposiums on joint research in aviation and core fields
4. Discovery and cooperation of national policies, research and development projects to achieve the vision of UAM Team Korea
5. Joint research and development, technology, and information exchange in the field of UAM and advanced core technology
6. Joint development of curricula, personnel exchanges, and cooperation for training other institutions

Veyond Metaverse gains expertise in cutting-edge AI-driven digital twin technology. Veyond Metaverse plans to leverage technology from this research to develop an AI digital twin-driven training platform for healthcare and UAM segments. “AI-led digital twin technology and beyond connectivityAs the most advanced immersive communication system, Veyond Metaverse co-founders Adam Choe and Dr. Joon Chung say it will transform the fields of education, training, and remote maintenance and assistance.

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