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Visionary Abstract Artist Hilma af Klint to Be Immortalized on the Blockchain

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In Web3, everyone can building for the futureAs an Internet ecosystem centered around cryptography and decentralization, blockchain has become a hotbed of visionary innovation. The NFT space itself, which exists at the intersection of finance, art and technology, is amply proof of this fact.

Many digital and generative artists are close to Web3, and their efforts to curate a blockchain-based body of work are forward-looking and a logical next step for their art careers. But for established, respected, and often older artists out of reach of blockchain, NFTs are elusive, volatile, and perhaps even impractical.

But some seem to exist outside the commons of the traditional art industry. For them, time and existence are viewed through a different lens. Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) was one such person. An enigmatic artist, unknown until the 1980s, she remained outside the mainstream of the art world. Pioneering works of abstract art.

However, this was on purpose. Incredibly, Clint instructed her painting not to be published until at least 20 years after her death.As such, her art Truly and by definition future-orientedAnd her work has taken the most futuristic evolution possible. Gallery of Digital Assets (Goda).

Hilma af Klint NFT drop

NFT series featuring 193 VR and AR renditions of Hilma af Klint from November 14th to 17th temple painting The series will be put up for auction in the Netherlands. As a digital version of the official af Klint catalog, each artwork is published as his one of two editions. The first is non-commercial and remains with the publisher. However, the second edition will be sold.

The paintings in this collection were produced by Stolpe Publishing with the approval of the Hilma af Klint Foundation and presented by Acute Art, GODA platformDon’t let the many groups behind this effort confuse you. Because on launch day, GODA presents an easy way for all collectors to bid. At the end of the auction, the lowest price of the top 193 bids will be implemented as the final selling price for each NFT.

Pictures of Hilma af Klint
Portrait of af Klint with two paintings
One of Hilma Af Klint's paintings

Leading Hilma af Klint into the future

It’s heartwarming to know that an artist with af Klint abilities is joining the world of NFTs. Throughout history, artists like her have been hyped up. Of course, this is in stark contrast to what blockchain technology can do for artists today.

Given the secretive nature of af Klint’s work, her legacy is ideal for blockchain, as it was built for encryption, decentralization, and even anonymity.

“I have a feeling that in this new era and the new medium of crypto and blockchain, she will be an artist of sorts. [who] would be first in line to do something like [venture into NFTs]said GODA NFT/Web3 Advisor Andrew Drayton in an interview with nft now. “In this day and age, she can talk about her like she’s an artist because her art is all so relatable.”

For Drayton and his colleagues at GODA, bringing af Klint’s research to blockchain was very important. And given her catalog and her GODA nature as a trusted and curated source for leading contemporary NFT artists, it’s clear why the collaboration has garnered the most attention.

“For me, I find it truly unbelievable that this woman had the foresight to paint for the future. It really holds up today,” GODA co-founder Todd Kramer said in an interview with nft now. It really makes her dream of drawing come true.”

To learn more about the upcoming Hilma af Klint collection and how it fits in with the current collection Evolution of the contemporary art worldvisit Click here for GODA official website.

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