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Wanda Exchange to Launch World’s First Crypto/Cash Vouchers in Europe

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VILNIUS, LITHUANIA–(Newsfile Corp. – October 31, 2022)– Wanda Exchange It is a company based in the EU and registered in Lithuania. The company aims to provide small businesses and FIAT users with an easy entry point into the crypto economy. The company’s solution is a complete package that not only enables merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, but also provides business opportunities and technical support.

The exchange plans to make it easier for small businesses and enterprises to enter the crypto economy by removing technical barriers. This is made possible by Wanda’s sophisticated voucher system that allows retail customers to purchase digital assets directly with cash. A similar reverse process can be applied if you want to withdraw cash in exchange for digital assets.

Retail users who want to purchase digital assets can visit one of our partner stores and make the purchase in a few simple steps with the help of a voucher. In the first step, the user has to decide how much balance they want to add to their account. Once you determine that the amount can be paid to the merchant in cash. Once the amount is received, the merchant gives the user her unique QR code for the transaction. Users can redeem their account balances simply by scanning her QR code on Wanda’s app.

Similarly, users who want to exchange their digital assets for cash can easily do so through Wanda’s platform. All they need to do is select an amount and a suitable cash pickup location. After confirming the details, the user can send the amount to the crypto payment address provided by the exchange. Upon receiving the amount, the user is provided with her QR code. In the next step, the user simply visits the cash pick-up point of their choice and the merchant can scan her QR code for verification and pay the set amount in cash.

Both processes are designed with Wanda’s partners (merchants) in mind. Merchants can set their desired commission rate for these transactions and profit accordingly. Wanda’s solutions are highly adaptable and can be used by business owners of all sizes, including small kiosks, currency exchanges and mobile his agents. Wanda infrastructure.

The exchange is actively seeking partnerships with ATM providers ready to integrate with Wanda’s out-of-the-box infrastructure. Wanda’s ATM solutions are highly compatible not only with traditional ATMs, but also with digital asset-specific ATMs. Wanda’s partners can directly leverage Wanda’s license to operate their cryptocurrency business in Europe.

Those who wish to use Wanda’s infrastructure A POS device is provided along with a dedicated merchant account on the platform. POS is designed to be a gateway to the crypto economy that merchants can serve. A merchant account on the platform, on the other hand, is a bridge between the virtual and fiat worlds, helping merchants convert their earnings to fiat and vice versa. The most important feature is that Wanda’s partners can leverage Wanda’s license to start cryptocurrency in their business.

All trades facilitated by Wanda are promptly supported by a rapid support team in case any party needs help. We have already established lasting partnerships with institutions in

Making The Crypto Economy Holistic – The Company’s Plans To Offer Easy Onboarding For Merchants Worldwide

The company aims to quickly expand worldwide by offering a simple on-ramp service to those who want to access the crypto economy. Find like-minded organizations willing to make cryptocurrencies accessible.

According to company officials, their research revealed that the number of retailers interested in accepting digital assets has increased over time. One of the main reasons behind this shift in perception is faster transactions and lower fees compared to the credit card giants. Looking at the current market size, Company It will soon become the largest on/offramp service provider for cryptocurrencies across continental Europe.

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Name: Wanda Exchange LT
web: wander exchange
ADD: Jono Basanavičiaus g. 26, Vilnius 03224, Leedu, Lithuania
Email: diego@wanda.exchange

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