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What is Peyote Ugly? A Nifty Gateway Drop | NFT CULTURE | Web3 Culture NFTs & Crypto Art

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What is Peyote Ugly? And how do you integrate the full range of NFT functionality into your project?

A clear play on words inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster Coyote Ugly, the art collective’s name is meant to reflect the events that occurred in the first chapter of this ongoing project. The five artists behind Peyote Ugly first traveled to Mexico for his month-long art residency, creating fictional stories, physical artwork, NFTs, and more. A story that incorporates Mexican culture begins with all the artists enjoying music. Peyoteor hallucinogenic cacti, and well – things got prettier ugly after that.

Violetta P Jones, Santiago Pani, Daniel Martin, Henrik Uldalen and Ivo Nupoort are the five artists behind this collective. Each originating from different parts of the world, the project aims to focus on each country and bring awareness to its cultural and traditional practices.

Start this Halloween weekend together crypto galleryPeyote Ugly releases Chapter 2 of the quest at Nifty Gateway. Devil’s Awakening is a fictional story based on Dutch folktales and fairy tales. Five artists gather again. Art House Holland As part of this collection, they have collaborated on paintings, sculptures, prints, films, puzzles and handcrafted physical books. They have also created digital versions of 3D sculptures, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D scans of his films and photographs, and more.

Combining different artistic disciplines in this way not only demonstrates the strength of this project, but also the capabilities that NFTs offer.

Drop overview

  • Presented by Crypto Gallery Chapter 2 Awakening of the Devil upon Nifty Gateway
  • Saturday, October 29, 2022
  • Auction starting at 6pm ET

collection exhibited at crypto gallery Starting October 24th in New York City and Los Angeles. Visit Dream Hollywood or Dream Downtown to experience his IRL in art, Free Guestbook NFT, Direct Guests Only.

This guestbook token will automatically enter every guest for a chance to win a limited edition artwork from this collection.

Featuring a total of 7 NFTs.


Two editions in 3D animation format are available as ranked auctions with 10 editions each. Collectors who bid $750 or more will receive an AR print, including storylines and AR versions of the 1/1 artwork if the highest bid exceeds his $1,000. Collectors who attend and collect both editions in the primary will receive a 3rd and bonus artwork airdrop.

Witte Wieben When cavatars (24 hour ranked auction)

Bowman (collector rewards and airdrops Witte Wieben When cavatars in primary.

1/1 digital + AR oil painting:

Using traditional Dutch fairy tales as inspiration, each painting depicts a character used in a story created by the artist.Violet, Santiago, Daniel and Henrik each painted one edition of the artwork. , made into an animated work with audio by Ivo.

These 1/1 winners will receive a physical oil painting with augmented reality technology. When researching individual artists, their sales history shows that they typically sell for much higher than the 1 ETH reserve set for these auctions.

  • Blauwe Gerrit Daniel Martin
  • bokken riders Santiago Pani
  • demon Violetta P. Jones
  • Claes Van Bommel Henrik Ulderen

Artists were able to create AR versions of their physical paintings. artistic vibe app, the official AR experience provider. The tool overlays an image, text, or sound on top of the physical artwork, allowing the audience to view his AR version of the physical artwork on his smart device. Such AR technology allows artists to create more creatively.


Aside from the digital artwork, paintings, and AR implementation, a physical, hand-crafted storybook was created to depict Part 2 of the fictionalized quest. Using the creatures depicted in each piece of art, Chapter Two begins with the artist reuniting in his second location, the Netherlands.

While spending the summer in an old village in Holland, the artists were eating leftover mushrooms in Mexico. Bowman, or the devil himself, enters the world of the living to recruit new servants. Artists trying to save society embark on a quest to stop the perpetual darkness. With the help of Witte Wieven (a wise woman) and her Kabouters (gnomes), the artist overcomes multiple obstacles and eventually he faces Boeman himself. Along the way, however, they run into problems as each artist physically transforms into the folklore creatures depicted in their individual 1/1 paintings.

About the Artist:

Daniel Martin

Artist & Art House Member

Daniel lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is exhibited at the Queretaro Museum of Contemporary Art. SOHD, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen. Young Museum, Oosterhout. Booth Gallery, New York. Beer Gallery, London. Den Gallery, Kuwait City. Thinkspace, Los Angeles. Duo show with Philippe Ackermann in The Hague.

Daniel is the co-founder of Arthouse, an artist initiative that organizes countless projects and runs two residencies (NL/MEX). In 2019, along with his other local partners in the Netherlands and Mexico, he co-founded the annual 1606 project in collaboration with PaintGuide and Leiden University to promote cross-cultural connections among international artists. did.

Violet P. Jones

Artist, filmmaker, member of arthouse

From 2013 to 2016, Violetta Palak-Jones was a director/producer for Flyboy Creative, a small Scottish film production company, and her short films have screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

She completed a course in figurative painting and drawing at Leith School of Art and attended Edinburgh Napier University’s accredited art atelier, where she was trained in classical drawing and painting. She also completed art her residencies in Tequisquiapan, Mexico and Leiden, Holland, and became a member of the artist collective ARTHOUSE.

In January 2020, she started her journey in the Web3 space and has been creating NFTs ever since.

Henrik Urdalen

Artist & Art House Member

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen (1986) is a Norwegian artist based in London. His creative work revolves around classical figurative paintings presented in a contemporary way. Henrik explores ideas that revolve around absurdity, nostalgia, loneliness and alienation, juxtaposed with frail beauty. Although he is a figurative painter, his focus has always been on the emotional content rather than the narrative, and the atmosphere of his work, along with elements of expressionism, is often expressed in a state of dream or limbo. .

Henrik is the founder of PaintGuide, an international curatorial platform for exhibitions and creative projects. Over the years, he has exhibited his work in galleries, museums, billboards, art fairs and printed in major publications around the world.

Santiago Pani

Artist, Member of Arthouse, Director of Arthouse Holland and Arthouse Pani residencies

Mexican artist currently living and working in the Netherlands. Most recently, she has focused on her series “Personal Universe” of portraits inspired by the memories of unnamed figures and people that are stored in our subconscious throughout our lifetimes. It interacts with our minds and influences our stories again.

Lately, Pani has found herself deeply connected to these concepts and ideas, making the production of these works very organic and intuitive.

Ivo Nuport

artist & animator

creative director, illustrator, animator

For more information on Peyote Ugly, please visit their main website. here

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