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What Is The Purpose Of The Metaverse Standards Forum?

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Is the Metaverse Standards Forum really considered to be everything?

On June 22nd, the Khronos Group, a non-profit standards body announced Formation of a community called the Metaverse Standard Forum (MSF). Many of the major metaverse players such as Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games, Adobe and Nvidia have come together to join the Khronos Group. founding member of MSF.

The purpose of the forum is Ensure interoperability (the ability to exchange information) across different metaverses, making it easier for developers to build across different platforms. That’s why MSF is free and open to everyone. Let’s take a closer look at the goals of WSF, what it means for companies in the metaverse space, and whether we can actually achieve these goals.

What does MSF want to achieve?

companies working hand in hand

One of MSF’s main goals is to: create An open and inclusive metaverse. We now understand the metaverse in a very enterprise-specific way. For example, one of the founding members of MSF, his Nvidia has a metaverse for engineers, Omniverseand game platforms roblox itself is the metaverse. However, the metaverse does not mean individual virtual spaces that are “owned” by one company and cannot communicate with another company. In the sense that all virtual worlds are interconnected, they should ultimately belong to everyone.

“No one really knows what the metaverse will look like in the end, but some things have already been revealed. need to do it.” To tell Neil Trevet, president of the Kronos Group.

Founding member Meta agrees with Trevet’s statement. Nick Clegg, his Global Affairs President at Meta, wrote in his blog post: It is not built, operated or managed by one company or institution,” he compares Patchwork to his quilt.

Metaverse definition

The aforementioned enterprise-specific metaverse clearly shows that the term “metaverse” is not as well defined as it should be. Many large companies today create 3D experiences that may or may not fall within the scope of the metaverse. A quick Google search will bring up article after article about what the metaverse is and what it is. Constructing the criteria for what the metaverse is or should be helps us get closer to defining the metaverse.

To that end, MSF Purpose Work on implementation prototyping, hackathons, and open source tools to develop terminology that defines the metaverse and related technologies to accelerate the speed of guideline creation and deployment. Despite including the term “metaverse” in its name, MSF Other technologies In the metaverse space, like Augmented realityvirtual reality, Geospatial system Interactive 3D graphics. All of these help define the metaverse more clearly, but MSF focuses on: offer Developers don’t define the term “metaverse”, they give you the tools you need to go out and design your virtual space.

What MSF means for the future of the Metaverse

By making the space open and inclusive, MSF will significantly accelerate the development of metaverse technologies and accelerate the overall growth of all companies within the space. Companies working together could also reduce the overall cost of developing the metaverse technology. come down rather.

To achieve this, MSF needs all the big names in the industry to come together and agree to share resources. Still, some of the biggest names in the augmented reality space (a key ingredient in creating immersive metaverse experiences) such as Apple and ByteDance are do not have From the list of MSF members.

Other big names such as Niantic (creators of Pokémon GO), Roblox, Decentraland and The Sandbox Also, you are not signed on as a member. Without these companies, it’s hard to imagine how MSF would promote an open metaverse. Experts also say it will be difficult for MSF to meet its open metaverse goals. rely heavily on As such, their business model is incompatible with an open, decentralized metaverse.

It is not yet known whether MSF will actually achieve its goals. We hope that more members will join the forum and companies will align their business to better fit the open and decentralized vision that MSF has for the metaverse.

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