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Will MTN’s metaverse concert awaken Africa’s creative industry?

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South African mobile network operator MTN Group wants to take advantage of its extensive network. 34.5 million African subscribers are leading the spread of the metaverse on the continent.Present in 17 countries in Africa, the company announced new metaverse The platform -altMTN- and virtual music concerts in November will allow you to unlock the potential of immersive experiences.

It is currently hosting the continent’s first Metaverse music concert in partnership with The Mic: Africa, a networking platform for African music, arts and culture.

group marketing executive Bernice Samuels says MTN’s Metaverse will help the company “support innovation in Africa and future features live events, shopping, gaming and learning.”

Samuel adds: We believe that by tapping into our key passion on the continent – ​​music – we will be able to actively engage our customers in an environment that will not only be experienced first-hand, but will also help improve altMTN. ”

Possibilities of the Metaverse in Africa

In February this year, MTN Purchased 144 parcels Explore the virtual land of Ubuntuland, an immersive hub for 3D virtual reality Owned by a South African tech company Manmadean undisclosed amount.

Among African artists, the Metaverse wave appears to be changing the way art is presented. Online forums and communities such as the African NFT Community, Black NFT Art, Kenya NFT Club and Nigeria NFT Community have formed to network on how best to harvest. From immersive technology.

Anna Ogutograli, Founder QkweQkwe.ioa virtual marketplace where African artists can buy and sell digital art worldwide in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) told more africa The total value of African artists in the NFT market is worth $15 billion. “At the moment, there is little African strata in the digital art world, so by giving and encouraging African artists the opportunity to showcase their talents, we will make the change we want to see in the future African art market. It’s a place where Africans support Africans.”

In August, Nigerian music star BNXN (formerly known as Buju), Hosted a metaverse listening party He made his playlist “Bad since 97” available to fans around the world. BNXN was created The HeadsByBuju NFT project rewards his fans and NFT owners use them to access his physical and virtual concerts. However, no other prominent African musician is keen on this field.

Derya Matras, Meta’s Vice President for Africa, Middle East and Turkey recently said: told african business, “We know there is huge talent here on the continent, and nowhere is it more exciting to see than in the creative and tech sectors.

A difficult road for the African metaverse

However, despite Meta presuming that the Metaverse can contribute, $40 billion In many ways, the continent is unprepared for the future, all the way to sub-Saharan Africa by 2032. according to “The immersive digital world will become the primary way we live and spend time,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta.

Meta is leading a $50 million Metaverse training over two years. 16 African countries To cultivate talents in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality High cost of VR headsetslow internet penetration, slow internet speeds, and the high cost of data and smartphones on the continent are preventing Africa from igniting a desire for a metaverse.

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