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X2Y2 Blocks New NFT Marketplace Blur from Using Its Listings

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Quick take:

  • X2Y2 has asked new NFT marketplace Blur to stop using its listing.
  • The highly incentivized NFT platform said Blur “violated our terms[by applying for more than 10 keys to access the API].”
  • For members of the Blur community, the ceasefire border did not go well.

X2Y2 blocked Blur from using the NFT list.newly released NFT Marketplace was accused of violating the terms of service by claiming more than 10 keys for X2Y2’s API.

The highly incentivized NFT platform tagged Blur in a Twitter post write in: “Dear @blur_io, we would like you to stop using our list on your website. You are blocked from X2Y2 because you have applied for more than 10 keys to access our API. (by doing so) is a violation of our Terms of Service.”

However, some Blur users weren’t impressed with the stop order. Loopifyyy replied to X2Y2 and Blur saying the order made no sense. “Why are you enforcing this?” NFTs Written by Trader.

According to Loopifyyy, the decision to take such action could be interpreted as an attempt to keep traders from losing out to the new platform.

Blur is not the first newly launched NFT marketplace to try to get traders from already established markets. looks rare After offering high rewards for collectors and traders to post their collections on the platform, OpenSea gave OpenSea a strong challenge.

Dubbed the “vampire attack” because of the way it drains liquidity and users from one platform to another, this concept has become a prime weapon for onboarding users to newly launched markets.

flat X2Y2 Vampire attacks are no stranger. The platform quickly acquired users using the same tactics it had when it launched in February. Soon after, it boasted the highest daily and weekly trading volumes, ahead of OpenSea and LooksRare, though heavily inflated due to wash trading.

1 user Giacomoeseven went on to highlight changes made to their terms of service to force orders.

Source: Giacomoeth/Twitter

However, X2Y2 cleverly left the last update unchanged, leaving it as “February 2nd, 2022”.

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