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Yuga Labs Co-Founders Launch Podcast On NFTs, Crypto, Metaverse And Art: Here Are The Details – Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG), Ethereum (ETH/USD)

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The founders of one of the most successful and most valuable NFT collections and Web3 companies have launched a new podcast where they will discuss the world of Web3 with select guests. Click here for details.

What Happened: Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano (aka Garga), Wile Aronow (aka Gordon Gonner) and Kerem Atalay (aka Emperor Tomato Ketchup) has launched a new podcast called “The F***ing Metaverse”. Web3 related.

“We want to talk about NFTs, about cryptocurrencies, about the metaverse, about art,” Aronow said in the podcast trailer.

of podcast will be streaming upon Spotify spot When Youtubeunits of Alphabet Inc. googGoogle.

“We as a civilization spend much of our lives online and may be moving towards a place that exists in a digital space.”

Solano said he hopes the conversation will be “totally insane” at times.

“Welcome to the F***ing Metaverse. A podcast with insightful information and thoughts on the metaverse, web3, and NFTs, but let’s be completely honest. Far from being completely off the rails of the metaverse.” high,” said the podcast’s tagline.

New episodes are released every Thursday, and trailers show some of the guests featured in upcoming episodes.First episode with Reddit co-founder and Web3 investor Alexis Ohanian It dropped this week along with an episode featuring three hosts talking about the show.

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Important reasons: future guests Snoop Dogg, Cordell Broadus, Nick Adler, Beeple, Timbaland When Larva Research Institute Founder John Watkinson When Matt Hall.

“I hate to lose, I love to win. If I don’t win, I lose,” you can hear Snoop Dogg say in the trailer.

A conversation with the Larva Labs co-founder discusses the people behind the concept of CryptoPunks. ethereum Ethereum/USD The base NFT collection was ridiculous. Acquired Yuga Lab Cryptopunks When Mebitz March 2022.

Yuga Labs is one of the world’s largest web3 companies. valued at $4 billion And it attracts some of the biggest names in web3 investment, including celebrities and athletes among NFT investors and holders from the company.

Conversations with the Yuga Labs team and respected thought leaders in the field could provide behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of NFT’s brand and collections, as well as thoughts on where things are headed next. I have.

Join co-founder Solano for more on the future of Yuga Labs and its metaverse project Otherside. The Future of Benzinga’s Cryptocurrencies Event in New York City on December 7, 2022.

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